Thursday, May 20, 2010

[..My Little Gymnast..]

Sadly enough Tatum's gym class is over for the summer. To end the year they put on a big performance for their parents to see all of their tricks. The whole thing was so incredibly cute! Tatum did so good, I was so impressed. He sat against the wall and waited for his turn so patiently and then got up and did his trick and sat back down. I didn't get pictures of his awesome tricks because I was videotaping, but let me tell you, they were pretty awesome! After every kid got to do their tricks Miss Heather presented each of them with a gold metal.

The rest of the night Tatum had to show everyone his gold metal...he even slept with it on that night :) All night he kept telling me how brave he was and I have to agree with him. There were a lot of people there and it must have been so scary for such little kids to perform in front of. Good job my little Bub, I am so proud of you!