Thursday, November 18, 2010

..Trey's Nursery..

I have finally finished Trey's nursery! 
This room has been such a project, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how it came together!!

{The Tree}

When I found out Trey was a boy I decided to use Tatum's old nursery bedding to save some $. I never loved Tatum's nursery, so I needed some fresh ideas to make it a space that I would love. To start I found this picture from Pottery Barn that I used for my inspiration.

This tree set such a calming ambiance that I knew I had to have it. I asked Eric if I could have my friend paint the mural and he said that he wanted to do it. Great! 6 months later it still hadn't been done so I decided to do it myself!

Back in my day I used to be an "artist". All through Highschool I took many many years of art classes. Who knew that one day those classes would pay off!

The walls I painted a sky blue and did stripes in a high gloss.
Its very subtle and kind of hard to see in the pictures but I think its perfect!

I made the drapes and accent pillows.

{The changing table}  

Lately I have been in this "labeling" kick and really like the look of custom labels.

{The Shelving}

I put these shelves up to display a few little keepsakes.

 The neighboring elementary schools made these firecrackers for all of the new moms on the Fourth of July. It doesn't match the nursery at all but its definitely worth displaying.

My Mom gave me the bunny. It matches the crib skirt perfectly. 
Also displayed are Trey's hand and foot prints and hospital tags.

And lastly I hung three white frames showcasing Trey's newborn pics above the crib.

And there you have it. Trey's perfectly perfect serene nursery.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

..4 months old..

Yup this little man is 4 months old now!

Trey had his 4 month check and is growing like a weed.
Here are his stats:
weight: 13 lbs 12 oz (25%)
height: 25 3/4 in (75%)
head circ: 42.5 in (50%)

Looks like we have another tall and skinny kid on our hands!

Eric is so happy that he is finally starting to interact with us more and more. 
He jokes about newborns being "boring"... 
I on the other hand happen to LOVE the newborn stage.

 Trey absolutely loves his play mat. 
He can lay here and play for hours giving Mom a nice break!

Recently he started to sit in his Bumbo. 
 He hasn't mastered it yet, but he is getting so close!

This little bug loves to be cuddled. 
One of my favorite things about newborns is when they sleep on your chest. 
Trey will still do that and it just Melts My Heart!!

Such a happy boy!

And one more for fun.
This is what my boys did the other night...

watched Harry Potter, both with their blue blankies! 
Can you tell whose is newer??
What cute boys I have!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

..A little Halloween..

Oh the joy of Halloween! I just LOVE this holiday!
Here is a run down of our Halloween...

Eric and I went to a Halloween party on Friday night. Last minute we put our costumes together and this is what we came up with...

I was so proud of Eric for putting this costume together in about 1 hour. I borrowed mine from my neighbor seriously 30 min before we left for the party.

I made these candy corn cupcakes for the party.

I thought they were cute and yummy too!

On Saturday I went out early and took Tatum's picture in his costume.
I'm so glad that I did because when it came time to go Trick-or-Treating is was
pouring rain!

Here is our little Batman...

During our little photo shoot Tatum found a caterpillar and wanted me to take its picture.

He named it creative!

Later our neighbor let Tatum borrow their batman mask.

I think its safe to say he liked it...

Here is Trey in his Lion costume.

This is such a hard age to get pictures.
I just wish he was able to sit up, it would have been a whole lot easier!

He absolutely hated his costume!
These were the only ones I got of him being semi happy.

Now onto our ward Halloween party.

These three just ran around with each other the whole time.
I found them hiding in the corner.

Ive got my Lion...


After the party it was time for Trick-or-Treating.
Our neighborhood is perfect for Trick-or-Treating so most of Eric's family
came along with us.

I stayed home with Trey in our nice warm house to pass out candy while everyone else braved the cold and wet weather.

We had a great Halloween and cant wait for next year!