Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Few Random Pics

I was going through my pictures and found some cute random pics to share.
First was a trip to the farm.

For some reason I love this picture...

and this picture makes me laugh because you can see the size difference in Trey and Tatum. Trey is almost as big as Tatum!

These next pictures were so funny. One day the kids were all outside playing and kept yelling at the parents to come find them. We went searching and found them in the recycling bin...

They would close the lid to hide and we would walk up to them and scare them! 
They loved it.

A few weeks ago I took Tatum to his first dentist appointment. I was so impressed with the Dr. office. Tatum was so scared but they gave him these head phones to watch a movie on the ceiling with which made his visit so easy! He gets his picture on the board for being cavity free in October!!

Another pic is from the other day. We got a random day of snow! All week it had been in the 70s and this day we woke up and it was snowing! Tatum wanted to go out and play but I couldn't find his snow clothes! The next day I went out and bought Tatum all new winter clothes because it was apparent that I was NOT prepared!

And lastly in honor of Halloween coming up, here is a pic of Trey with my neighbors kids. She was showing me her daughter's pumpkin costume so I decided to get out this old pumpkin costume for Trey to wear. 

And that is the end to my randomness.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Cabin

Last weekend we went with all of Eric's family to their cabin. It was such an amazing weekend. The fall trees were in full bloom making every view look like a painting. Honestly I have never seen this cabin more beautiful, the views took my breath away!
I couldn't stop taking pictures, so here is a huge picture overload...

We spent the weekend watching conference, playing games, fishing, and four wheeling. 

The happy newlyweds...

We tried lining up the kids for a pic. Sadly It didn't work :(

Cutest pic ever...

Showing off his muscles

Dustin and Steph brought their Rhino which was perfect for the kids. We are seriously looking into getting one of these things...so much fun!

In between conference sessions the men worked on the cabin while the girls took the kids on a run. Since we only had 2 available drivers, we got smart and put Trey's car seat in the front of the Rhino while I drove...it worked out perfectly!

This was such a great weekend and will always be a wonderful memory!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a walk in the park

A little while ago I took the kids for a walk around the trails by our neighborhood.
We took a picnic basket and ended in the park for lunch.

For some reason Tatum has his hand over his heart in this pic.
It made me laugh because he looks so patriotic with his red striped shirt on.

Trey has become so independent now that he is walking.
He could just spend his day walking anywhere I would let him and he would be content!

I have also started a new tradition. Every year on the first day of school I am going to take pictures of the kids with this chalkboard saying what grade they are in. As they get older they can write the grade themselves and we can see how their writing changes over the years. I thought it was a fun way to document how they change throughout the years.