Monday, March 14, 2016

Tatums Birthday

Well my Tatum is officially 9 years old! We had such a fun day celebrating with him. We spent the morning getting ready for his party. For his party he wanted to have a nerf war...such a boy! This party was actually so much fun! We reserved our church building for it and set up a ton of boxes and tables as obstacles. We divided the kids into 2 teams and they played capture the flag the whole time. At times Eric would turn off the lights and have black lights going to make it more interesting. It was so much fun that Eric and I each joined a team and got in on the fun....seriously so fun!

After his party he got to open some presents from us.

and took his new long board for a ride.

We ended the night with dinner at Chilies with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen. He felt pretty special all day and said it was the best birthday ever!

Pinewood Derby

We love the Pinewood Derby! This was Tatum's second year going and our goal this year was to just do better than last. Well Tatum met that goal and actually got 5th place, which is great considering it was out of 20! 

Jake and Katie went to visit a friend at the hospital so we offered to take Lucy for them. She loved playing with Cami and watching the cars. At one point she went to the dessert table and grabbed 2 giant rice crispy treats and handed one to Cami and together they sat in the hall eating their treats. Silly girls.

It was such a fun night for my sweet Tatum and great start to his birthday week!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Jr Jazz

This year we decided to try something new with Tatum...Jr. Jazz! He has never played basketball before so we thought we would give it a try and Tatum absolutely loved it! He did pretty good with 6 points as his all time game high. He was lucky enough to have his Dad as his coach and even though the season was short, he still excelled so much through out it.