Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snow Day

A few days before Thanksgiving we got a huge amount of snow! It didn't stop snowing for 2 days and it was the perfect snow for sledding and building snowmen. One morning after Tatum went to school, Trey came downstairs in his pjs, rain boots and gloves and asked to go play in the snow. I thought it was so funny and had get the camera out.

The next day we took the kids out to sled on the hill across from our house and they had so much fun. Others went sledding before us so the snow was a bit patchy. It was Trey's first time sledding and he couldn't get enough. I seriously love his face in this pic...

 I love the fall leaves in the background...

 My camera battery died before I could take any pictures of myself with the kids. After sledding we had a snowball fight with the neighbors and then went in for some hot chocolate. Shortly after Trey was wiped out and crashed on the couch. He never does that!!

The first snow was a success!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A quick Midway trip

Last weekend we took a quick and last minute trip to Midway with some friends. Eric's best friend BJ married a girl from Argentina and her family invited us to stay in some cabins with them. We had a great time with them and ate some amazing food...those Argentinian's know how to cook! The boys had fun with the other kids that were there. Tatum spent some time playing the xbox and was surprisingly good at it!

Trey playing with his favorite person...

The next day we spent some at the crater and then went to a pond to see the ducks.

They built this new bridge over the crater that you can walk on and see all the way down below. Trey has this weird phobia of standing over empty space. He wouldn't walk over this bridge! Tatum thought it was pretty cool though.

Eric's best friend and his wife...

When we got to the pond Trey saw the ducks and ran for it. Eric was so scared they would attack him!

We found a friendly squirrel and fed it cookies. 

Tatum and his friend JJ...

And princess Sophie. This little girl was the happiest baby. I never heard her cry the whole time we were there! How do I get one like her?? Oh and that hair! She isn't even 1 yet and has had 2 haircuts!

We called her Dora because she looks just like Dora the Explorer.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is Halloween

Our Halloween started off with a costume parade at Tatum's school. All of the parents are seated along a pathway through the cafeteria and all of  the kids walk through with their classes and teachers to show off their costumes. The principle started the parade as Captain America. 

I so badly wanted to get Tatum's picture with him!

Afterwards I went and spied on Tatum in his class.  I just love to see him all grown up in school...he has such a love for learning!

After school we went to see Aunt Julie at work. Every year her office does trick or treating  for the families and she is so great to invite us! 

Trey was so funny! He would just drag his candy bag behind him. Yes his bag was filled with candy and yes it was half his size, but still, it was funny! And no he is not wearing shoes...bad Mom moment, I totally forgot them! Ha ha!

Afterwards I was able to capture some pictures of the boys in their costumes. 
Tatum as Captain America...

As you can tell he had no problem getting into character. Trey on the other hand was bit more difficult.I was just happy he put the costume on :)

That night we had such a blast going trick or treating. We totally scored on candy and doughnuts and cotton candy. While I was out with the kids Eric was home handing out candy. I kept running into our neighbors who would tell me how much Eric was scaring their kids. When we were done I  went home and found Eric in this costume and our house pitch black with scary music blasting.

Of course we then had to go up and see Grandma and Grandpa Larsen.


And one shot of me with my boys. Last year Eric's costume won the costume contest and he got this glow stick hat. I wore it trick or treating and I had every teenager wanting to steal it from me :)

My costume this year was Flo the progressive girl. I had to put this costume together last minute and this is what I came up with. I won 2nd place for most humorous costume. Sorry its a bad pic, the only picture I had was on my phone.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I can't believe how fast time flies after Halloween, Thanksgiving is next week!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Prep

The weekend before Halloween Tatum got really sick. He missed 3 days of school, had 2 doctors apts, missed our ward Halloween party and the primary program. I felt so bad for the kid that I tried so hard to make sure that he had a fun Halloween. 

Eric has been so busy with work lately that we didn't get the chance to carve pumpkins. So when Tatum got home from school I tackled the pumpkin carving on my own. Tatum wanted a scary tree for his pumpkin and drew out something similar to this.

 I attempted elmo for Trey's pumpkin and think it turned out alright.

Tatum wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts or help out in any manner, and since my boys are complete opposites, Trey couldn't get enough of the pumpkin!

The final product.

I love making cute treats for Halloween. Another day after school I made sugar cookies with the kids. I had Elan's kids over and the boys loved to decorate the cookies.

This year I made these chocolate covered oreos and planned to take them to our ward Halloween party... that we didn't go to. 

I ended up taking some to my beehive class and ate the rest ;) After all of this we were finally ready for the big day (which will be another post)!