Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentines Day

This Valentines Day was extra special because we got to spend it with my family, which has never happened. We all went to church together and then the kids came home to a few surprises in their Valentines Baskets. The boys got some jammies and a few small treats and Cambria got an Elsa doll because she is so obsessed with Frozen right now. She ran around the house with it saying "Elsa" over and over.

That night we made a special dinner and had a small party for my mom's birthday, which was back in January.  I made her a yummy white chocolate raspberry cake and then we opened a few presents. This was a nice treat since my parents aren't usually here this time of year. They flew in so they could drive my cute MDX home. Since we bought the van they decided to buy our Acura for my mom so she could downsize from her big Sequoia. I was so sad to see it go but I was so happy to pass it on to my mom.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Provo Temple Open House

On Friday my parents flew in town for the holiday weekend and we all decided to go see the Provo Temple. I had tickets for another day but we weren't able to get enough tickets for us all to go together. So we waited for the kids to get out of school and went down to see if we could get in the standby line. Man oh man it took forever! We waited at least 45 min in the standby line and then they moved us to the ticket line where we waited another 45 min. It was freezing cold because the line was in a parking garage and with 7 kids it was no easy task. But we made it and luckily my snacks lasted throughout the entire wait. The temple was beautiful of course and well worth the wait!

While we were in line Tatum lost a tooth! He just yanked it right out. Luckily I had a baggie to put it in and wipes to clean up the blood. It was kind of a crazy wait.


By the time we came out it was dark. Everyone in my pictures were dark but I love how the temple looks at night. It really is so beautiful!

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Years Sledding

For New Years we spent the day sledding up at Eric's parent's house. It was so cold!! I am a big baby and opted to watch Cambria inside while the boys braved the harsh weather. I came out a few times to take some pictures and even Cambria got in on the fun for about a minute. Tatum had the most endurance out of everyone and spent most of the day outside playing. At one point he built a fort out of his sled and was hiding from the deer that came down into the yard. I wish I took a picture of it because it was so funny!

Our main reason for going up there was to spend some time with Bethany's family. They were visiting from New York and we just love to see them. Little Ellie was a hoot and had so much fun on the sled. Also Eric got the boys to try snowboarding on a sled and they both loved it. Now Tatum is asking for a snowboard!