Monday, November 16, 2015

Sundance Zipline

Just after our Lagoon trip, my parents came into town. While they were here we went up to Sundance to ride the new zip lines. This was the first time that we were able to meet the man in Eryn's life, Kyle. He helped build the zip lines and rode them with us. These zip lines were pretty intense. We had to do a training on how to use them since we control our own speed and stop ourselves. It was easy to get the hang of and once we were trained it was onto the fun. Since 2 could go at a time, we would race each other and see who could closest to the end without crashing. Ha ha. Such a blast!

This was a sketchy moment. Kyle told us to stop in the middle of this run and take a picture since it was the tallest point on all of the zip lines. So Eric and I did and he was so scared he was going to drop his phone! But seriously, look at that view!!

 This was such a fun activity and I could see us doing it again and again if it wasn't so expensive!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Just after school started we took the kids on our annual Lagoon trip. Every year we take the RV up to Lagoon and stay in the camp gound right next to it. We spent 2 days there and the kids loved every second of it. We had some friends come with us one day and Jake and Katie came another day. This is such a fun tradition that I hope we continue for years to come.

Cami could have rode the carousel all day long!

Trey was mad that he had to ride in the pink one. 

I love Trey's arm around Emmy. These two are best friends and talk about getting married one day :)