Friday, April 11, 2014

My little leprechauns

This year St. Patricks Day kind of crept up on me. I always try to plan ahead for these things but then I think I have plenty of time and before I know it its the Saturday before and I have nothing ready! Our mornings are kind of hectic as it is, so our "leprechaun" didn't do anything special before school. Instead I picked Tatum up from school totally talking things down, how the leprechaun still didn't come and how sad we all were. Then when we pulled in the garage Tatum noticed something was different. Our leprechaun must have come while I was picking him up from school and I'll tell ya, the kid has never gotten out of the car so fast...ever!

Our leprechaun left streamers and balloons everywhere and a scavenger hunt for the kids that led to the treasure.

 They were sent up and down and all around the house searching for the clues. Tatum loved being the leader and reading all of the clues.

 I love this picture. Trey looks drunk, haha.

And that was all to our simple St. Patrick's Day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity

This place is awesome! We got tickets to go to  the museum of natural curiosity at Thanksgiving Point before it even opened. The kids loved it and well so did I. This place did things right. Every attraction was to promote movement and exercise. There were climbing walls, rope ladders, slides, a giant spider web, tunnels to crawl through and much much more. We were there for a few hours and I don't think we saw all that this place had to offer. 

The spider web...Tatum spent an hour going through this over and over.

There is a whole section devoted to the arts. Music, theater, puppet shows. Here is Jake and Trey watching the puppet show the other boys put on.

The whole place isn't quite finished but they had another section for science. 
There was stuff all about volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Inside a tornado.

This area wasn't finished but when it is, it will be so fun. This table was ingenious. Stick your baby in and there will be about 2 inches of water for them to sit and play in.

My sweet boys had such a blast and we can't wait for the grand opening in May to return!