Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1st day of school

Well Summer is officially over and school is in session. Tatum could not wait to get back to school and start 2nd grade! I must say I was a little unsure how I felt about school starting. A part of me was so ready for school to start because it meant the arguing between the boys would stop, but the other part of me was so not ready for Tatum to be gone all day and the busy Mom life starting again. So far things have been pretty smooth and Tatum couldn't be happier to be back in school.
I couldn't be happier with his teacher this year. Here is a kind of cute story about her. Back before 1st grade ended Tatum's grandma went to the nail salon and sat right next to Mrs. Hadlock. The entire time they talked and shared stories and figured out that Tatum could possibly be one of her students the following school year. Tatum's grandma said that she needed to try and get him in her class next year and then called Tatum to tell him all about this great teacher she met. All Summer long Tatum told all of his friends that he was going to be in Mrs. Hadlock's class and a few days before school started Tatum got to go to his school to finally meet her. When he walked into her classroom she gave him a big hug and began to tell him all about how she met his grandma at the nail salon months ago. It was really cute and made him feel pretty special and excited for his first day.
A week after Tatum started school, Trey had hi first day of preschool. He has been patiently waiting for this day to arrive for quite some time now. I found a wonderful teacher in Highland that
 I think will be a perfect fit for my sweet Trey.
 Trey was so excited to get his turn to hold up a first day of school sign!
Walking in with his best friend Emmy.
Trey with Mrs. Barker. I can't believe he is old enough for school...weird!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lagoon

The day after Cambria's blessing my parents went back to California and we hopped in the RV and went to Lagoon. It was such a fun little trip that really felt like a getaway without really getting away. We parked the RV in the camp ground next to Lagoon and spent 1 night and 2 days there. The best part was that the campground was connected to Lagoon so I could walk to the RV anytime I needed to feed the baby or when it rained...which it did...a lot. Still me made the most of it and really loved every last minute.
Day one
By the time we got up there and parked it was lunch time. So we spent the first day doing whatever the boys wanted. Last time we came Trey was scared of every ride and would just cry.  This time he realized he was having fun and would try every ride that he was tall enough for.  Tatum blew me away. He rode every roller coaster with the biggest smile on his face, even rides with loops. If he was tall enough, he rode it.  There were probably only 3 rides in the park that he couldn't ride.
We spent a few hours at Lagoona beach. It was so refreshing to get in the water on such a hot day.
Again Tatum had no fear and would go on any slide.
Eric got an important work call so I took the boys through all of the old pioneer buildings while we waited. They loved this old church so much.
Day two
After a great nights sleep in the RV we woke up and were able to be one of the first people in the park. We hit up all of the big rides first before the crowds and took Tatum on Wicked, Spider and Colossus. Baby girl was so good the whole time, just happy as can be in her stroller.
Again we spent a few hours at Lagoona beach. Tatum went down the white tube slide probably 20 times and Trey spent the afternoon in the lazy river.
While we were in our swimsuits we went back into the main park and went on all of the water rides. I took the boys on the log ride and when we got off a huge storm came busting through. We ran into the Arby's and had dinner while we waited for the storm to pass. It didn't pass so I ran the baby out to the RV while to men enjoyed a few last rides. After that we called it good and headed home. It was such a fun little trip which we will have to do again every summer, plus the kids said it was better than Disneyland...score!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cambria's Blessing

On Sunday August 10th, Eric gave our sweet baby girl a name and a blessing. It was such a wonderful day for our family of 5! Cambria was blessed with her cousin Eli who happens to live in the same ward as us, which made the occasion even more special. It was so nice to have so many friends and family members there to support us on Cambria's special day.
Cambria has no idea how many people love her. Here she is with her Great-Grandpa Larsen.
Cambria and cousin twin Lucy born 3 1/2 weeks apart.
Cambria with her Grandma and Grandpa Larsen.
Cambria and best friend Luciana, born 1 month apart.
Grandma Bradley holding Cambria.
Grandma Larsen holding Cambria.
Cambria's Great-Grandma Wilson.
Grandma and Grandpa Bradley with the blessing babies.
All of the kids got dressed up for the occasion.
Proud Grand Parents!
Cambria was so small that I worried I wouldn't find a dress I liked that would fit her. So Elan helped me make her dress and it turned out exactly how I wanted it.
I loved every minute of this day and feel so incredibly blessed to have not only the gospel in my life but a worthy Husband who holds the priesthood to administer such a beautiful blessing to our beautiful daughter!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2 months old

My little Cambria girl is now 2 months old! It is so strange how much faster time goes by with the more kids you have. I am trying so hard to just relax and enjoy Cambria while she is little because I know it wont be long before she is running around with the rest of them.

This little girl is pure joy. All of us are so captivated by her and can't get enough of her. I have loved having another girl in the house, maybe a little too much. I have so much fun dressing her up. All of the little dresses and bows, I love it all so much and I even gave her her first pedicure!

The boys have been so great with Cambria. Tatum can't wait to see her every morning when he wakes up and Trey is non stop in her face trying to give her hugs and kisses. In fact I keep saying that I need to invent a cage to go around Cambria to keep Trey away ;)

One Sunday I got all of the kids dressed and realized they all matched. So of course I had to take a few pictures, they all looked so cute I couldn't resist. Sometimes it is so strange to see these 3 together and realize they are all mine!

At 2 months old Cambria weighs 9.2 lbs (2%) and is 22 in long (18%). Looks like I have another long and skinny child! Cambria is holding her head up better now and has started to smile! We love this baby girl so incredibly much and it is so fun to have a baby in the house again!