Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cambria's Blessing

On Sunday August 10th, Eric gave our sweet baby girl a name and a blessing. It was such a wonderful day for our family of 5! Cambria was blessed with her cousin Eli who happens to live in the same ward as us, which made the occasion even more special. It was so nice to have so many friends and family members there to support us on Cambria's special day.
Cambria has no idea how many people love her. Here she is with her Great-Grandpa Larsen.
Cambria and cousin twin Lucy born 3 1/2 weeks apart.
Cambria with her Grandma and Grandpa Larsen.
Cambria and best friend Luciana, born 1 month apart.
Grandma Bradley holding Cambria.
Grandma Larsen holding Cambria.
Cambria's Great-Grandma Wilson.
Grandma and Grandpa Bradley with the blessing babies.
All of the kids got dressed up for the occasion.
Proud Grand Parents!
Cambria was so small that I worried I wouldn't find a dress I liked that would fit her. So Elan helped me make her dress and it turned out exactly how I wanted it.
I loved every minute of this day and feel so incredibly blessed to have not only the gospel in my life but a worthy Husband who holds the priesthood to administer such a beautiful blessing to our beautiful daughter!!

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Kelly said...

She's so adorable! You make the cutest babies.