Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Cali Trip

Last week we got back from a week long vacation to Southern California. 
As always we pack in way to much fun to put into one post.

The first day there we hooked up with some friends in Anaheim and went to an Angel's game. 
They were playing the Texas Rangers who happen to be Eric's favorite team. 
This may or may not have had something to do with the planning of our trip to Cali ;)

Before we the game started, Eric and Tatum went in early to watch batting practice.

Here is my favorite player, Ian Kinsler. 
Eric jokes about him being my boyfriend!

Tatum was given a ball and got it signed by David Murphy.
If you ask him who his favorite player is he will tell you David Murphy.

He tried to get Michael Young to sign his ball but wasn't successful.

Trey and I came in later, there is no way he would sit still that long!

I think we have a baseball fan on our hands.

Recognize this kid?

Yup thats Trey on the big screen. 
Moments before Tatum and his friend Sawyer were on it to but I couldn't get my camera fast enough!

Eric is such a HUGE Rangers fan.
This game totally made his trip!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

...A litttle randomness...

Well things have been crazy around our house lately.
So here is a rundown of what we have been up to.

Jake and Katie had their Utah reception in my in-laws backyard.
Everything about it was wonderful!

..the food

..the decor

..the shuttle

Notice Tatum riding it? Ya that's what all the kids did the whole night!

We also sent away Roxy's puppy. 
He went to Eric's sister who just moved to Washington.

We had our friend Zack come in town for one night straight from Afghanistan. 
We haven't seen him in 2 years and it will be another 2 years before we see him again.

He took us all to a super nice dinner at Market Street Grill. 
He told us he wanted us to eat like kings, and to pick out whatever we wanted.

and we have had a series of lightning storms around here.
I tried to capture it and was surprised when I got this shot...

That's all the updating I can handle in one post. 
I have so much more to blog about including another trip to Cali and Disneyland!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July California Trip

At the end of July we took a road trip to Sacramento with Eric's family for his brother's wedding.
Most of the trip was devoted to the wedding but we did find some time to play at the local splash park.

Tatum was a little apprehensive at first about getting in.

The Bride's family was so good to us, they brought us some delicious pizza that Trey couldn't get enough of!

The groom with Trey the day before the wedding.

Sisterly love...

{The BIG Day}

The temple...

All 7 boys!

The Reception...

We attempted more pics of the boys without much success!

We kept the boys entertained by hunting for frogs. 

Cutting the cake...

We got the boys to preform a song for Katie! 
It turned out so cute!

We had such a great time in Cali and are so glad that Katie joined our family!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4th of July Fun

Yes I am just now getting around to my 4th of July about behind!

{The Balloon Festival}

We started our day bright and early at 6:00am to see the Provo balloon festival. 
We were all a little tired as we sat around waiting for it to start.

This year they had a Darth Vader balloon. 
The kids were so excited about it that we had to plow through the crowds to see it. 

And of course you say the word "Star Wars" and these guys show up...

It was a bit of a windy day, so right after we saw Darth Vader go up a huge gust of wind came and knocked all the balloons down.

It was actually pretty funny. People were panicking and screaming, thinking the balloons were going to fall on them. After that they had put all of the balloons away. They only let one balloon up and it was tethered so it couldn't go anywhere. It was a bit of a disappointment, but we still had a good time.

{The Provo Parade}

Can you guess what these two boys are excited about?

Yup more Star Wars!

{Slip N Slide and Fireworks}

After naps we made a huge slip n slide for the kids and did some fireworks.
This year we got some nice aerial fireworks and put on a pretty good show!

We had such a fun but busy 4th of July! 
I am so grateful for family and friends to celebrate this wonderful holiday with!