Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

[..6 weeks old..]

Today my baby is 6 weeks old! Its crazy how fast new babies grow. The other day my neighbor brought her postage scale over and we weighed Trey. He is a whopping 9 lbs 2ozs!! I couldn't believe it! I am so used to Tatum who I swear took 4 months before he reached 9 lbs. But really I shouldn't be all that surprised since so far these two are complete opposites. Here is how opposite they are...
  • Tatum was and still is a great sleeper, Trey is still learning.
  • Trey is a great eater and could eat all day long, Tatum could go all day without eating and be fine!
  • Tatum has blonde hair and Trey is still holding on to his dark brunette locks (and hopefully keeps them).
  • Tatum is a Daddy's boy, Trey is a Mommas boy.
  • Trey loves to get his diaper changed, Tatum would scream every time.
  • Tatum hated his car seat, Trey loves it and will sleep for hours in it.

Its so crazy how I can already see so many differences. I can't wait to see Trey grow and see his little personality start to show.

BTW: isn't this kid just beautiful? Maybe I am just partial but I really think he is perfect!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

[..The Tetons..]

Well I survived my first road trip with 2 kids! Last weekend we went to my family reunion up at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I really debated about going but when our friends told us about their cabin in Driggs we decided to give it a go. (I was not about to camp out for 3 days with a month old baby, especially since it rained everyday!)

..The Tetons..

Our view from the cabin...pretty amazing!

Tatum collected a whole $1.44 from the penny hunt

Trey and Grandpa napping

Tatum launching water balloons

..Bear Lake..

After the Tetons we stayed the night in Bear Lake. We enjoyed some famous raspberry shakes and wave running on the lake.

This is what Trey did the whole time...we were so worried that he got sunburned in the Tetons that we didn't want him in the sun at all.

Tatum could not get enough of the wave runner

Eric let Tatum drive and he said that Tatum had no restrictions when it came to speed. Tatum pushed the throttle as hard as he could!

Our little water bug

Sometimes its I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. to get Tatum to look at the camera!

I am really glad that we were able to go on this trip. Everyone thought I was crazy going with a newborn, but it really wasn't that bad and turned out to be a lot of fun!