Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lake Powell

A week after school started we took Tatum out of school and headed to Lake Powell for the week. This time it was really nice because a group went down early and found our spot and set up the house boat so that when we came down with the kids it was a lot less stressful. The day we got there it was Grandma Mary's Birthday and Dustin surprised her with this cute message.

We had so much fun fishing, swimming, tubing, surfing and wake-boarding and catching lizards. The weather was perfect except for one night of crazy wind and rain that forced everyone to sleep in the houseboat instead of up top. 

He is pretty awesome!

We went on a long tubing run. It started out great and everyone was having fun.

Then the water got really choppy and we lost Hunter...

Next up was these three. They all liked it rough and wanted to fall out....everyone excepet me! This was the only picture I got before I went crazy and Told Scott to stop. Tatum is so little and bounces right out of the tube with the smallest waves. I was so nervous that Tatum would fall out and then the waves (being as big as they were) would go over his head and he would be so scared until we could turn around and get him. Oh well Tatum had a blast and Mom needs to let go a little ;)

We went on a boat ride in search for a fun hike and ended up finding a cave to swim in. We told the kids it was a pirate cave and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. It reminded us adults of the Goonies.

We had a lot of down time when others went out on the boat. These two were dancing and singing and making me laugh.

I tried to touch the wall but got too scared to go closer :)

Hunter was an allstar wake boarding for his first time this trip!

I was pretty impressed when Grandpa Scott got up on the surf board his first try! We wont talk about how my run went :(

Our last tubing run before we headed home. Trey was so brave to go on the tube!

 Eric was trying to make it more fun by doing tricks and I think he scared JJ a bit.

Coming in JJ got brave again and these two thought they were pretty awesome!

I know I posted a million pics but the whole trip was such a blast that I couldn't leave anything out. Can't wait for next year already!

Friday, September 13, 2013

1st day of 1st grade

Wow I can't believe that Summer is already over and school is back in session! Tatum has been so excited to go  back to school and to be in 1st grade! He has been talking about having lunch at school all Summer long. He got the best teacher this year and absolutely loves her! Everyday Tatum can't wait to go to school, I really hope that never goes away :)

We started the morning with a fun back to school breakfast with apple pancakes.


And then it was off to school!

Tatum waiting outside with his buddies Jaiden and Ikaika from Kindergarten.

And hes off walking into school. Everything is so different than Kindergarten!

At lunch time Tatum really wanted me to come have lunch with him. It was such a fun experience to be there with him at school and have lunch together. I was worried that Tatum would be intimidated having lunch in the cafeteria with all of the other kids. My fear was put to rest within moments of sitting down. Tatum was so calm and grown up. I think it was me that had a harder time :)

After school we took some more pics. I had some fun taking Tatum's 1st grade pictures, and he did too ;)

Such a goof ball! Here is to another great year of school!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Cabin

Before the Summer was over we took a much needed break and headed to the Larsen Cabin in Fairview. We took some of our besties with us and had such a nice relaxing time. Klay watched "Rad" just before he came up and was in full trick mode with his bike. Trey loved watching him pop wheelies.

Eric loves to have a puzzle to work on during any down time. He is pretty darn good at puzzles and can have one whipped out in no time!

The boys went on an "adventure" through the weeds and thought they were pretty tough.

We did some fishing and all were pretty successful.

Tatum and Klay are two peas in a pod. They spent all of their time by lake catching grasshoppers and got pretty good at it.

Chip brought his air soft guns and the kids loved taking turns shooting them. Trey even got in on the fun. Tatum and Klay found a beehive and decided it would be fun to shoot at the hive...they both came inside with bee stings :(

On our last day we went to electric lake which is a ways up the road. We only were going to go for a short time, so we didn't bring much of anything. Well not long into the fishing Tatum fell in the lake. He got to close to the water where it was muddy and slippery and just slid right in. His whole body went in and he was screaming. It had just rained and was overcast and cold. I had to take him to the car and completely undress him and of course I didn't have any extra clothes. So poor Tatum had to sit naked with only my hoodie on until everyone was ready to go. Besides the small incidents that happened with Tatum, it was a perfect weekend.