Monday, September 9, 2013

The Cabin

Before the Summer was over we took a much needed break and headed to the Larsen Cabin in Fairview. We took some of our besties with us and had such a nice relaxing time. Klay watched "Rad" just before he came up and was in full trick mode with his bike. Trey loved watching him pop wheelies.

Eric loves to have a puzzle to work on during any down time. He is pretty darn good at puzzles and can have one whipped out in no time!

The boys went on an "adventure" through the weeds and thought they were pretty tough.

We did some fishing and all were pretty successful.

Tatum and Klay are two peas in a pod. They spent all of their time by lake catching grasshoppers and got pretty good at it.

Chip brought his air soft guns and the kids loved taking turns shooting them. Trey even got in on the fun. Tatum and Klay found a beehive and decided it would be fun to shoot at the hive...they both came inside with bee stings :(

On our last day we went to electric lake which is a ways up the road. We only were going to go for a short time, so we didn't bring much of anything. Well not long into the fishing Tatum fell in the lake. He got to close to the water where it was muddy and slippery and just slid right in. His whole body went in and he was screaming. It had just rained and was overcast and cold. I had to take him to the car and completely undress him and of course I didn't have any extra clothes. So poor Tatum had to sit naked with only my hoodie on until everyone was ready to go. Besides the small incidents that happened with Tatum, it was a perfect weekend.

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