Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saying goodbye to Eloise

Just after the New Year it was time to say goodbye to adorable little Eloise. The night before they went back to New York we all got together at Eric's parent's house. I brought my camera to take some pictures for Bethany to have as a memory. Ellie was being so cute and playful all night and I think she loved the constant loves and attention she was getting.

Eric loves this baby girl and I really think she loves him too. He plays peek a boo with her and she just lights up. So stinkin cute!

 Jake and Katie love her too...

Ellie with her other Grandma who came down from Seattle to see her.

Ellie with Aunt Rachel.

Ellie and Nora love this snowman that dances and sings. Anytime these two are sad you just plop them in front of the snowman and they are happy.

Cute sisters with their babies.

After a streak of 7 boys in the Larsen family, these two decided to join us only 2 months apart. They already love each other and will be great friends one day.

We already miss this munchkin and cant wait until summer to see her again!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

Wow I am pathetic! I am just now getting around to posting about our Christmas. Its only the middle of February :) 

Christmas as usual was wonderful. I love that we have a day to just spend relaxing with family and have no other worries. We had a slow morning due to Trey not waking up. Tatum was up the second it started to get light but we let Trey sleep in until 8 before waking him up. The boys were so excited to see what Santa brought them, they could hardly contain themselves.

Of course they got spoiled! Tatum's big gift and probably his favorite was Disney Infinity. My boys are obsessed with this game and actually Eric and I like it too :) Trey got a 4 wheeler which he cruises around the neighborhood in.

 Eric got quite the surprise as well. On Christmas Eve I snuck out and went to the mall to do a gender ultrasound. I wanted to surprise Eric for Christmas and I was able to do just that. Afterwards I bought a little outfit and wrapped that up with the ultrasound picture. Eric's parents and Bethany and Jeremy were there to see his reaction, which was priceless! I think its safe to say that we all are just a little excited :)

We got lots of snuggle Ellie time in over the holidays.
We love this little girl to pieces and are so sad that she lives across the country :(

Trey was wiped out and took a nap on his new Hippo.
It was too cute not to capture.

That evening we went to Eric's parents house for dinner and presents. The best gift of all was Jake and Katie announcing their pregnant too! She is due just 2 weeks after me and Stephanie is having twins just 2 weeks after Katie bringing the Larsen baby total to 4 in just one month!