Tuesday, March 31, 2015

St. Patties Day

What a fun St. Patrick's Day! Tatum woke up before everyone else and saw that the leprechaun left some surprises. The house was decorated and he left the kids the first clue that led to the pot of gold. Since Tatum had school and Trey was still asleep, Tatum had to wait until he got back from school to find the treasure. So mean, I know! He did get to enjoy some green eggs and milk before he jetted out the door!

When he got home he dropped his stuff and the boys got right to work on their scavenger hunt. Tatum read the clues and Trey was along for the ride. Also why does he still put everything in his mouth?!?!

The sneaky leprechaun magically placed the pot of gold right where they started without being caught!

They got all sorts of treats and to their excitement they got silly string! They immediately went outside to battle one another.

And a few more pics of miss Cambria on her 1st St. Patrick's Day.

Dino Playland

For months Trey has been asking me to take him to the dino playland at the mall. I rarely go to this mall and wanted to wait until I actually needed to go there. Tatum had a day off from school and I thought it would be a good activity for us plus I could get some errands out of the way. The boys loved climbing all over the dinosaur bones while Cambria sat and played with her toys and shoes ;) Tatum wanted to take Cambria down the slide so bad. I waited until it wasn't crowed and let him go for it. She actually liked it and they all had such a great time.

Pinewood Derby

Just after turning 8 Tatum joined the Scout program. He has been looking forward to Scouts ever since his cousin turned 8 last year and got to go. His first ever Scout activity was the Pinewood Derby. This event is kind of a big deal and only happens ever year, so naturally Tatum was stoked when his birthday landed the week before and he could go! 

Eric worked with Tatum to get his car ready and spent hours sanding it down and painting it until it was perfect. This was our first time attending the Pinewood Derby so I felt like we have a lot to learn.  I didn't care if Tatum won, I just didn't want him to be last. Tatum's car wasn't the fastest at all and every time he came in 3rd place. Tatum is such a sweet boy and is just pure. If he doesn't win, its not a big deal and he doesn't even get upset. When it came time for the awards he got the "Coolest Car" award and was jumping up and down in excitement. For him that was just as good as winning 1st place.

9 Months

On the same day as Tatum's party, Cambria turned 9 months old. This little miss is pure joy. We all smother her with hugs and kisses all day long and she really is just the sweetest thing ever. 

Cambria is trying so hard to crawl. She can't quite get the hang of it and figure out how to move her legs to get where she wants to go. Instead she will just roll across the room until she reaches what she wants. She says "Da-Da" and coos all day long. She still doesn't have any teeth yet but that doesn't stop her from eating real food. Cambria doesn't love baby food and gets really excited when she sees us eating hoping that we will share what we have. The other day I was eating a banana and she grabbed it out of my hand and went to town devouring the entire thing! She is still such a good baby and hardly cries. In fact when she does cry its so soft that its hard to hear her even through the monitor. 

This month we have had some really nice weather, so I took Cambria on the swing for the first time. She loved it!

I never took pictures of Cambria taking a bath, so the other day I decided it was time. She loves the bath and kicks and splashes like crazy. And then there's the tongue. She loves her tongue and is constantly playing with it!

She is getting harder to photograph now that she is becoming mobile. She wont sit still for anything!

We just love this baby to pieces and love to watch her grow.