Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is such a fun holiday but man has it become a lot of work! With decorating for the kids, making a fun breakfast and surprising the kids with treats, making valentines for the kids classmates and of course the work of love itself...the valentines box! It definitely seems like a lot every year, but man do my kids love it, so of course its worth it!

This year Tatum wanted a Pokemon Valentines box. After searching pinterest for some ideas we came up with this sweet thing...

And in an effort to simplify things for myself we printed off the kids valentines, had them write their names and attached a treat. Simple and easy. Minecraft for Tatum and superheros for Trey. Trey is getting pretty good at writing these days. He wrote all of his friends names and even made a special valentine for his preschool teacher.

Since Valentines Day was on a Saturday this year, we were able to take it nice and easy in the morning and it was so nice. 

Later that day we did a short little photo shoot to remember the kids this valentines day. I started out with Cambria's pics for her first Valentines and by the time I brought the boys in she had it, so I only got one decent shot with the 3 of them.

Eric and I had a baptism to go to so the boys got to go play with their cousins for a bit during the day. Eric took me out to a nice lunch and then we came home to hang out with our boys and play some fun games. Its so nice to stay in on Valentines Day and not worry about the crowds. It was a perfect day with our little family.

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