Tuesday, March 31, 2015

St. Patties Day

What a fun St. Patrick's Day! Tatum woke up before everyone else and saw that the leprechaun left some surprises. The house was decorated and he left the kids the first clue that led to the pot of gold. Since Tatum had school and Trey was still asleep, Tatum had to wait until he got back from school to find the treasure. So mean, I know! He did get to enjoy some green eggs and milk before he jetted out the door!

When he got home he dropped his stuff and the boys got right to work on their scavenger hunt. Tatum read the clues and Trey was along for the ride. Also why does he still put everything in his mouth?!?!

The sneaky leprechaun magically placed the pot of gold right where they started without being caught!

They got all sorts of treats and to their excitement they got silly string! They immediately went outside to battle one another.

And a few more pics of miss Cambria on her 1st St. Patrick's Day.

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