Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tatum's Birthday

On February 27th Tatum turned 8!! I know I say this every birthday but I really can't believe he is 8. I have an 8 year old! Crazy. Tatum was so excited for this day to come because it means he gets to be baptized. This sweet boy turned 8 on a Friday and the next day he got baptized. For weeks he was counting down the days to his baptism and not his birthday. I'm telling you, this kid is a keeper. Not only is he smart and thoughtful and the sweetest boy around, he has such an amazing spirit. He constantly reminds me of the little things that are so easy to forget. He keeps me in line and I can honestly say that I learn so much from this boy of mine. I consider myself one lucky mama to have him in my life!
On his birthday he got lucky and Grandma and Grandpa Bradley came in town for his baptism. We took the whole fam down to the Provo rec center to swim. They all had so much fun even though it was a tad on the cold side. Cambria loved the lazy river and my boys loved showing off their mad swimming skills.

Afterwards we went home and had dinner and opened presents. Grandma and Grandpa Larsen stopped by to see Tatum and he got so spoiled with all of his presents. He felt pretty special to have everyone there for him on his birthday and that was just the start of his celebrating!

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