Monday, March 2, 2015

Hawaii: Day 7 and 8

Im finally finishing blogging our Hawaii trip. It has taken me so long to get through all of our hundreds of pictures.


Today was Super Bowl Sunday. We started the day by hanging out at Magic Sands Beach. Its called this because during the winter months this beach is all lava rock but in the summer it is covered in sand. A lot of Kona is this way which was so hard to imagine for us. Cambria was so happy today and all smiles at the beach. We didn't get in the water because the waves were so big! A bunch of locals were out boogie boarding and were so entertaining to watch. They were so talented doing crazy spins and would get so close to the rocks and dive under the waves just before crashing. It was mesmerizing to watch.

After a few hours at the beach we went back home to watch the Super Bowl. The whole rest of the day was relaxing on the couch eating good food. That night we went down to Alii drive and walked around a bit and watched the sunset. This night was so surreal to us and was the definition of Hawaii to us. We sat on the rocks watching the sunset next to a restaurant that had a guy preforming What a Wonderful World. The moment was so perfect. We ate dinner next to the ocean as our last full night in Hawaii.


Today was our last day in Hawaii. Our flight didn't leave until 10:00pm so we still had a pretty full day. We started out our day bright and early and grabbed some breakfast on the go. We took our food to the Pier to try and see the dolphins and possibly swim with them. We sat and watched a crazy lady fish while we looked for dolphins but sadly never saw any. We instead walked around the pier for a bit.

We had to get in a few last beaches in before leaving so we went to the one and only dog beach on the island, Honokohau. The reason we came here was because it had really good snorkeling and usually there are only a few dogs there. Eric and Adam went out snorkeling while I stayed with Cambria. While they were gone more and more dogs came to the beach. Their owners would talk to them as if they were humans and let them do whatever they wanted. I was annoyed by them because they would keep coming over to the baby and lick her or spray sand on her and they wouldn't do anything about it. When the guys came back I was pretty fed up and together we decided to leave. When we left I think we counted 11 dogs! I did snap a few pics before we left though.

We grabbed some lunch and then headed to another more secluded beach, Kohanaiki. Every time I put Cambria in the water she would lift her feet up trying not to touch it. She didn't love the water. Haha.

We then went home and got cleaned up and rested a bit before heading to the temple. We quickly walked the temple grounds before the sun set and then went to the coast to capture the last sunset of our trip. It was a bit stormy but the sunset did not disappoint.

And that folks is a wrap. Our flight home was a redye and surprisingly we were able to sleep for most of it. Because of the storm there was a lot of turbulence, which lasted for about 4 hours of the flight :( We got to San Francisco and had a 3 hour layover. We found a secluded corner in the airport and all 3 of us crashed. The jet lag really messed up us and took a few days to recover. It all was worth it because this truly was the best vacation I have ever been on and we can't wait until we can go back!

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