Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tatum's Baptism

The day after Tatum turned 8 he got Baptized. That day was so special and one that none of us will ever forget. Tatum was glowing all day and was so happy. I kept looking at him throughout the day and would just stare in awe of what an amazing boy I have. He has such a strong testimony and spirit about him. I couldn't be more proud of his decision to get baptized and I tried my hardest to keep it together through the baptism. I lost it when he got up with his cousins to sing "Gethsemane". He sang his little heart out and did such a wonderful job. The spirit was so strong that I looked around and saw that everyone was tearing up.  After he was confirmed, he leaned over to Eric and told him that he felt good. This boy is gold and I love him with all my heart and know that he will grow into a strong man one day.

The program went smoothly with only a small glitch when the Bishop forgot my Dad's talk. And then it came time for the baptism itself. Eric wanted Tatum to sing in his nice church clothes and then change after. It got a little chaotic as I was running back and forth grabbing their clothes. There was only a split second to take a family picture with Tatum in his baptism clothes, so the pics didn't turn out great.

Afterwards we held a luncheon at our house for all of our friends and family. We got a cake for dessert and had everyone sing happy birthday to Tatum. He had so many people there to support him that he felt so loved!

It was the end of the day and I realized that we didn't get a family picture. Cambria was asleep and Trey was a mess. Oh well, nothing like a great awkward family photo :)

And lastly here is the video of Tatum singing "Gethsemane".

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