Friday, August 31, 2012

The Bradley Family Reunion

Two days after we got home from Lake Powell I left for Girls Camp where I was gone from Tuesday to Friday. A few days after that my Parents came in town to get ready for our family reunion at the Grand Tetons. This Summer has seriously been non stop but at the same time so much fun!

Our trip started with a 5 hour drive to our same camp site. We got there and had time to set up camp and eat dinner before it was time for bed.

The next morning we woke up and headed out for a nice hike to the wind caves. Eric and Jason stayed home with the kids so that Elan and I could go with my family on the hike. The hike was great and the views were amazing!

My cute parents with the cave in the background.

Before you reach the cave there is a waterfall at the bottom. Elan looks so small in comparison.

View of the valley from the cave

Cute family pic at the top

Coming out of the cave were more waterfalls and rocks covered in moss. 
Seriously it was so pretty!

The entire hike had beautiful wildflowers everywhere.

After the hike we went back to the campsite and played with the kids for a bit. Trey was constantly dirty. This kid is all BOY and loved to play in the dirt and find bugs.

Throwing rocks.

Playing in the dirt with tractors.

Tatum on the other hand hated to be dirty and constantly asked me to wash his hands. He just loved playing with the big kids. Here they are playing "ninja".

When Tatum wasn't playing with these boys he was on the bungee. Really it was hard to get this kid off of it!

 Trey...not so much!

The next day was our annual "Olympics". The kids did their penny hunt and totally scored!

We competed in some fun games.

Did the egg toss. Notice the broken egg on the ground. 

And we did water balloons.

Trey was hilarious. Again he is all boy and wanted nothing more than the throw each and every balloon.

Finally we had to drag him away and get his mind off the balloons. The only thing that worked was throwing rocks in the river with Grandma.

Here are all 12 kids in my Dad's family in order from oldest to youngest. My Dad is directly in the middle. In total we had 103 people camping! Every year the numbers get bigger and bigger, which makes this tradition even more special!

Until next year...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lake Powell

This years trip to Lake Powell was one to remember. It will be our last trip with the ENTIRE family in tow. We had every single member of Eric's family come this time which is rare considering how big its getting. As I said before Bethany and Jeremy are heading to New York for dental school and left us just 2 days after we got back from Lake Powell. 
Here is my picture overload...

The breathtaking views...

Our spot this year, our own private cove...

My precious boys...

Our hike...

When we got back from the hike Tatum found a friend and the rest of the trip he kept checking on his pet Lizard...

Some down time...

Trey driving the boat with Grandpa...

We played in the sand...a lot!

and in the water...

and Tatum caught a fish...

and so did Trey...well kind of :)

I promise the fish survived!

My little stud...

 watch out ladies...

and a little bit of awesomeness...

We also had a bit of a storm on our last night that made for some killer tubing! Probably the best tubing trip anyone has been on...ever!

This place is one of the best vacation spots ever, we love it here and can't wait to go back!