Monday, January 21, 2013

Farewell Grandpa Ken

On December 23rd Grandpa Kenneth Jay Wilson passed away with his wife and children by his side. Grandpa was a good man. He always smiled at us when we walked in the room and would say every time "who's this stranger". We had a chance to take the kids to see him a few days before he passed and we snapped this pic knowing it could possibly be the last time we would see him.  I am so grateful for that opportunity. He will truly be missed and was loved dearly.

His funeral was held the Saturday after Christmas and it was a beautiful service. I didn't take my camera so I stole these pics from my Sister-in-law Stephanie. I am so grateful that she took these pictures so that we can remember this great man. 

 The most amazing and sweetest lady you will ever meet...

 Grandma Beth getting a special hug from her brother..

This is such a sweet picture of Eric's parents...

This was Eric's first grandparent to ever pass away. It was really hard on him but through the gospel he was comforted to know he will see him again. We will always honor his legacy and are so proud to have named our son Trey Kenneth after him. We love you Grandpa Ken!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas with the Bradleys

2 Days after Christmas my parents came into town. That night we celebrated Christmas #2 with everyone. The boys were a bit into their games to care about presents.

Eryn was so excited because that meant she got her new iPhone! 

Allie got some pretty clothes that she loved to play dressup in.

 My Dad got a Romney shirt, too bad its a little to late.

Eryn did such a good job shopping for everyone that we all felt like Santa came again!

Eric loved the glasses she got perfect!

Elan and I played a joke on our husbands. Jason is a Ute fan and Eric is a BYU fan and they love to play around and talk trash. So we each bought the other a flag coordinating their team, but when they arrived we switched them so each opening the wrong flag. They thought it was pretty funny.

My dad got all of the kids these head lights and we attempted to get a group shot of them. Not one of them turned out but still funny.

Trey loved his light and wouldn't take it off the entire night.

Whenever my Dad is in town we try to get a day of skiing in. Its one of our favorite things to do together. The snow was amazing!

While my parents were here I wanted to take them to see City Creek. I absolutely love this place and I knew they would love it just as much as I do. I left Trey at home with Eric and got to spend a nice night out with Tatum and my family. I was so excited to see that Macey's did the candy windows again. This was a favorite of mine as a kid and its been so long since I have seen them.

We took a group shot of everyone but none of them turned out! I hate taking pictures in low light situations!! Oh well it still was a fun memory.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas with the Larsen's

Christmas morning was wonderful. I love waking up Christmas morning in our home with our boys. Christmas is so different once you have kids, you get to re-live the magic all over again. Tatum and Trey could hardly wait to go down and see what Santa brought them!

Santa brought Tatum his skylanders. He has been asking for these for months. All of the kids in his school play with these and I guess they are the "new thing" this year. 

Eryn spent Christmas with us and Santa even found her at our house.

These two seriously love each other!

Santa brought Trey this elf on the shelf book with sounds and a McQueen race track. He just about died!

Tatum loved the candy that Santa brought straight from the north pole. He thought it was so cool!

Trey did to, and I'm pretty sure that Trey didn't stop eating candy all day! In fact he wanted the candy more than his presents.

I tried to get some pictures with the boys, it didn't work too well.

After breakfast Grandma and Grandpa came to open presents with us.

The angry birds game was a hit!

and Tatum had to show everyone his skylanders game.

That evening we went up to Eric's parents house for dinner and to open more gifts. We all got Grandpa Scott this awesome race track. The kids loved it just as much as Grandpa did.

Trey couldn't have been more happy about his pillow pet!

And Tatum loved his ninjago pajamas.

and of course the wreckage...

Its not Christmas if there isn't a giant mess to clean up, this just shows that Christmas was a success!!