Wednesday, February 16, 2011

...Valentines Day...

Valentines morning I woke up early and made everyone delicious pancakes with some homemade strawberry peach syrup topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. Yum!

I showed this sing-a-ma-jig to Trey in the store and he went crazy, so I had to get it for him for Valentines Day. He loves it!

He also got some pancakes. Man can this kid eat! He is only 7 months old and wants nothing to do with the bottle. He doesn't take after his brother at all!

Tatum made some Valentines this year for all of his little friends. I know this idea was all over the internet but I couldn't resist!

Valentines Day is a special day for Eric and I. This year it marked 6 years since we were engaged. We try to do something special every year and this year we went to Midway for a night. We took our best friends Josh and Brooke and Mike and Jessica with us and had so much fun. We packed in a lot so the only picture I took was of these 3.

Pretty typical pic, Tatum playing on the I phone, Brinley playing with Woody and Trey just loving sitting with the big kids.

For our Valentines dinner the guys made all the girls a delicious meal. They did an Olive Garden night with Steak Gorgonzola, salad, bread and asparagus.

We had a wonderful Valentines spent with the ones we love and care for.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

...7 Months Old...

Its been a while since I updated about this little man.
Today Trey is 7 months old!

Originally this post was going to be all about how fun Trey is becoming and the milestones he has passed. But due to recent events I think a little "vent" session is better suited.
I am not a big complainer. I have a positive outlo0k on life and I am a glass half full type of girl, always have been. That being said it shows what kind of a week Ive had that I am willing to complain on this blog. This week has been a 2-kid week. My friend used this phrase on her blog and it seemed to describe my week perfectly. A 2 kid week , meaning, after this week I don't want to even think about having any more kids!

Lets start at the beginning...

Saturday night I developed a sore throat. By Sunday morning I could hardly talk. Eric played He-man and took the kids all day so that I could rest. Monday morning Trey got sick. He wouldn't let me put him down all day. He wouldn't eat and never slept for more than 30 min at a time. That night the only way he would sleep is laying on me. So I spent the night on the couch with Trey and hardly slept. We figured this all was a sign of teething. Trey had gotten his first tooth at 6 months and I thought his 2nd was coming in. I just told myself "by morning this tooth would have broken the skin and all will be better". Not!
The rest of the week continued on in the same way, sleepless nights and long days. The laundry needs folding, toilets need scrubbing and I can't handle my messy house. Last night I was so burned out that I checked out at 8:00pm, got into bed fully clothed and crashed!
Today is Thursday and still no sign of the tooth.
This morning was the first time I have left the house since Saturday night. We went to playgroup and then to the store. Tatum had multiple breakdowns and ended in the walk of shame kicking and screaming out of Walmart.
Kill me now!

On top of this we have had to deal with Eric dislocating his finger and possibly needing surgery, a friend of a friend wanting to file a claim on our insurance for breaking his hand in our car, and a few other smaller problems.
So now you see what I mean about my 2-kid week!

On the other hand these kids really are so sweet! I am so blessed to have them and if this is the worst thing to deal with than bring it on!