Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[..Christmas Day..]

This year was such an enjoyable Christmas for us! We were lucky to have a full house with every room filled to capacity. My sister Eryn flew in town the Sunday before Christmas and then my parents came on the 23rd. We also still have my older sister Elan and her family living in my basement....but only for a few more days as they will be moving into their new home this weekend!! It really is so fun to have so many people in one house for Christmas. So here is a look at our Christmas...

Tatum totally scored this Christmas, he got everything that he loves most. A train set...

and woody! Once he opened Woody, he pretty much forgot that anything else existed.

The way Bradley's do Christmas totally cracks me up. I think we kind of over do it :) Here is a before pic...

Notice there is no way to turn the tree on or off because there are presents stuffed in every possible spot.

and here is the aftermath. It looks like a tornado hit our house!

All of our neighbors have been talking about these big horned sheep that roam the hill tops around our neighborhood. We have never seen them before until Christmas Day. They were right around the corner from our house. We could have gotten out and touched them they were so close. Pretty cool.

We enjoyed Christmas dinner at my house.

I took charge of the table settings and made these cake pops as place settings. I still need to perfect the recipe, they were a little sweet for my taste, but at least they looked good!

After dinner we headed up to Eric's parents to open presents and have a sleep over. Grandma got all of the kids matching pjs. Aunt Bethany got some pjs to match, so we had to take a picture of her with her boys.

The kids then put on a show for us on the stage in the play room. It was so funny. Here is Tatum singing "I love Rock and Roll" while playing woody as his guitar! I wish I could put the video of it up, we were dying laughing.

We are so grateful to have so much family so close to spend Christmas with. It really is a blessing!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[..and the stockings were hung..]

I could hardly wait to put up Christmas this year! Right when we got back from Cali it was the FIRST thing I did. It is so exciting to be in a new home and celebrate our first Christmas together here. I just have to say that I love having a fireplace. It just adds so much to the warmth and feel of Christmas!

The other night Grandma Mary had all of the grand kids over to make graham cracker trains. Tatum's turned out so cute...I love it!

This year we started a new tradition, the Elf on the shelf! The Elf is Santa's little helper and was sent to keep an eye on the kids and then every night after the kids go to bed he travels back to the North Pole and reports to Santa. He comes back every morning before the kids wake up and hides in a different spot everyday until Christmas Eve. Tatum loves waking up and searching for the elf! It serves its purpose well, Tatum is so scared to step out of line while the Elf is watching.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Will the real MJ please stand up??

On Monday night we went with a bunch of friends to the Utah Flash Basketball game. We all got tickets for free and thought it would be a fun FHE. Well there was a rumor that Bryon Russell would be playing Michael Jordan at half time and his incentive was $100,000 donated to charity. Eric and I thought there is no way he would show up to D league basketball game in Provo, Utah. Well we got there and all of Utah County was there, I think there was about 7,500 people. At half time the lights go out and they start to play videos of M.J. and a spot light comes on. Bryon Russell walks out on the floor and starts asking for Michael Jordan. Everyone had hope that he was going to show up. A few moments later a group of body guards walk out "Michael Jordan". It was very clear that this guy wasn't really Michael. Russell calls the guy out as an impostor and pretty much says forget this I'm going home. The lights go on and he walks out. That was it! They played it up like Jordan was going to be there the whole time and then scammed all of Utah County! It was pretty funny, everyone stood there in shock not knowing what just happened.

(Here we are with Jessica and Mike, Mike's brother and wife, and Brooke and Josh.)
Every seat was filled including the bleachers behind us.

Bryon Russell searching for Michael who he knew the whole time wouldn't show!

Notice the fake paparazzi surrounding the fake Michael Jordan...so LAME!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving break this year. We spent 8 days in California with my family. Here is a run down of what we did there, I seriously have a bad habit of posting WAY to many pictures...

..Jay Leno..

Eric searched and searched for tickets to talk shows and didn't think he would get any. He emailed the Jay Leno show and they emailed back with 2 tickets to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lady Gaga! Usually you have to reserve them 4-6 weeks in advance! Talk about lucky! Well we got there and waited in line for about an hour and finally got inside. We handed the lady our tickets and she escorted us down a hallway and onto the set where all of the floor seats are. The floor seats are all reserved with tape and they sat us in the second row! We felt so lucky because the people in front of us in line sat in the very top row! Right as the show begins Jay comes out and everyone in the front rows run up to slap him a high five, Eric totally was on TV slapping Jay a five! Jay is such a nice guy and pretty funny too! It was so fun, I think we will attempt this every time.


We got some cheap tickets to Disneyland the day before Thanksgiving. We figured it was worth it because its the last time we can go before we have to pay for Tatum. Disneyland was decked out for Christmas. They had a huge Christmas Tree in the front, the castle was so beautiful with lights and icicles, they played Christmas music throughout the park and they changed the Haunted Mansion to be the Nightmare Before Christmas. We had such a blast and seeing Tatum react to his favorite Characters made it worth every penny.

Tatum saw all of his favorite Characters. Mickey...



And one not so favorite Stitch...

..Griffith Park..

There is a small train park close to my parents house that we took Tatum to. He is so into trains right now! He loved riding the train and seeing all of the big trains.


We went with my family down to the Americana shopping center. Its a lot like the Gateway but way more fancy! They had it all ready for Christmas with Lights, Santa's house and they even make it snow! We walked around enjoying the views and then Eric took Tatum home so that I could go with my family to see New Moon...better than the first but over all not impressed!

They have chandeliers hanging between the buildings.

We were able to do a lot but still spent a lot of time with family. I love the Holidays!