Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Will the real MJ please stand up??

On Monday night we went with a bunch of friends to the Utah Flash Basketball game. We all got tickets for free and thought it would be a fun FHE. Well there was a rumor that Bryon Russell would be playing Michael Jordan at half time and his incentive was $100,000 donated to charity. Eric and I thought there is no way he would show up to D league basketball game in Provo, Utah. Well we got there and all of Utah County was there, I think there was about 7,500 people. At half time the lights go out and they start to play videos of M.J. and a spot light comes on. Bryon Russell walks out on the floor and starts asking for Michael Jordan. Everyone had hope that he was going to show up. A few moments later a group of body guards walk out "Michael Jordan". It was very clear that this guy wasn't really Michael. Russell calls the guy out as an impostor and pretty much says forget this I'm going home. The lights go on and he walks out. That was it! They played it up like Jordan was going to be there the whole time and then scammed all of Utah County! It was pretty funny, everyone stood there in shock not knowing what just happened.

(Here we are with Jessica and Mike, Mike's brother and wife, and Brooke and Josh.)
Every seat was filled including the bleachers behind us.

Bryon Russell searching for Michael who he knew the whole time wouldn't show!

Notice the fake paparazzi surrounding the fake Michael LAME!

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