Monday, April 27, 2009

[..The Cabin..]

Due to the weather SLOWLY changing and getting warmer,
we decided that one last trip to the cabin was necessary.
There still was TONS of snow even though it was like 50* outside!
It really was a perfect day for snowmobiling and snowman making!

It took Tatum a lot of convincing
to get him away from the crayons and out into the snow...

but once he was outside
he realized how much he enjoyed the snow...

We all started a snowman building contest
that quickly turned into boys vs. girls, or Eric vs. Elyse...

If you are ever competing against Eric just know that


Here is Eric's "Shrek"...

Here is Tatum's little snowman.
I think he wins!...

*Thanks Shannon for the great pics!*

Friday, April 17, 2009


I can't believe it happened, but we sold our house! All it took was two weeks and one person to look at it until it sold. We didn't even put a sign out front or list it on the MLS. It kind of caught us off guard because in the back of our mind we expected it not to sell. A lot of homes in our neighborhood have had a hard time selling, so I guess this is meant to be. I have to admit that I was a little unsure about selling, but the second we got that offer is just reaffirmed our instinct that the time has come to move on. We have been franticly looking for a home and have had our eye on a few. We put an offer in on a home today just a few minutes away and they have until the 22nd to get back to us. So we will see what happens. I know wherever we end up it will be the best place for us at this time. I am really sad to think that my time here is limited and I want to make the best of my last few weeks at this house.

Monday, April 13, 2009


This year we had such a nice Easter. We had my little Sister in town all week long and unfortunately my Parents weren't able to come. My Aunt Lupe past away last Sunday and her funeral was on Friday. I guess we have to wait until Elan has her baby to see them...only 5 more weeks!! We still had a great weekend spending the holiday with both sides of the Family. It was so much more fun this year with Tatum getting older. He sure got his share of candy due to the fact that he went to 3 Easter Egg Hunts!!

Here is a recap of our weekend...

Decorating eggs:

I know they're no Martha Stewart, but I thought the boys did a pretty good job:

Tatum fell asleep on our way to the Larsen Egg Hunt:

Which resulted in him doing this during the Egg Hunt:

Then on Easter Morning the Easter bunny hid Tatum's basket all cute, and when he found it, he dumped it all out to see what he got:

After Breakfast we headed up to Ogden for my Cousin's mission farewell and the Bradley family egg hunt. The boys had so much fun and were so excited about all the candy they got...although you wouldn't be able to tell from this picture:

I promise these two really did have a great Easter and loved every second of it!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I won!

Back in January Tiffany at Follow Your Art Photography did a contest for the best picture of 2008. The winner got a free session with 10 pics edited on a disk. I had been wanted new family pics since Tatum would soon be 2, so I entered this picture...

...and won!! I was so excited because I have had my eye on Tiffany and had been dreaming of getting pictures done with her...the only problem is she is super expensive. So naturally I could hardly wait for the big day and I knew that no matter what she would do a great job. And she did! She took over 600 pictures of us and narrowed it down to 34 and from there I had to pick my top 10. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be, every picture was so good! So without further adieu, here are my favorites...