Wednesday, March 31, 2010

..[Tatum's Room]..

I finally got around to finishing Tatum's room! This project took me a while but I told myself that I couldn't start the nursery until I finished Tatum's room first. This room is probably one of my favorite before and afters...wait until you see the befores, they were pretty bad!


When we first moved in this room was the only room in the house that they had done anything to. Every other wall in the house was white! They had this ugly wall paper up that had a fishing theme in these ugly puke colors. They went to the effort of putting a chair rail up but then went ahead and painted it and the floorboards puke brown!!! It took me 4 coats of paint to cover it up! Ok enough chatting, here are the before pics...


After we moved in I started thinking about what the perfect big boy room would look like. I brainstormed and after about 6 months I finally got an idea of what I wanted. I think it turned out pretty close to what I imagined.

I spent 6 months searching and searching for the perfect bedding to go along with my color scheme. I never found one I loved that was in my price range. So one day I was at the fabric store and fell in love with this fabric. I decided to make his bedding and I love how it turned out!

Along with the bedding I also made a curtain for his one and only window.

I took some old frames and painted them white and got some brown paper to back up the pictures to make it look like matting. I just love the brown accents!

Next I repainted these plaques from Tatum's old room to match his big boy color scheme.

This is Eric's one contribution...he found this picture and had to have it for Tatum's room. Its a good thing the colors work with the rest of the room :)

Last is the closet. One of my most favorite parts of this house is that has a HUGE walk in closet! This closet serves two purposes, clothes storage and a play room!

I tried to figure out a good way to store books, this was what I came up with! All books are sorted so I can pull one basket down and Tatum can go to town with minimal mess!!

I still have a few more things that I want to do to finish his room but I may never get around to them. For now this is good enough and now I can finally start work on the nursery. It probably will be another 6 months before I post any pics of the nursery. So enjoy this for now!

Friday, March 19, 2010

..[St. Patties Day]..

This year I really wanted to go all out for St. Patrick's Day because I totally forgot about it last year. But of course things got busy and I got lazy and I kind of forgot again. So when I woke up realizing it was a holiday, I rushed downstairs and made some green pancakes. I waited and waited and waited for Tatum to wake up. This little stinker woke up at 10:00! That never happens! At least that explains his "bed head" in the bottom picture!

He thought it was so fun to have everything green! By the time he ate I had to rush him upstairs to get ready for his gym class. It was like pulling teeth. This kid LOVES his jammies! Sometimes it takes some major persuasion to get him dressed. I started to tell him that he had to wear green because it was St. Patrick's Day and then went on to explain what St. Patrick's Day was. I watched as the look on his face went from calm to confused to terrified as I explained that people would pinch him if he didn't wear green. My mistake!

After gym cousin Noah came and brought Tatum these awesome glasses (Tatum's exact words). I thought they were so funny that I had to get some pictures.

Well as strange as this holiday might be, Tatum sure had fun enjoying all of the "green" and thats all that matters.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

..The Retreat..

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go to Logan with some friends. Our friend Steve has a "cabin" up Logan canyon and let us and about 12 other friends come stay for the weekend. This place isn't really a cabin, I guarantee we didn't ruff it at all! Whenever we come up here we spend hours outside playing volleyball. This time there was snow up to our knees, but that didn't stop everyone from playing. Instead of playing volleyball I opted to play with Tatum.

It is so beautiful here. There is the Logan River that runs right out the backyard with a bridge that Tatum loved running up and down. One of Tatum's most favorite things to do in the world is to throw rocks in any form of water. We could of spent hours down by the river doing this.

Besides playing volleyball we spent most of our time playing around the world ping-pong, cooking good food, playing games and hanging out in the hot tub. They have an indoor hot tub and every night a good amount of time was spent in here. The hot tub was so hot that this room becomes more like a sauna...hence Tatum's crazy hair! I love how grown up he is, he just loved hanging out in the tub with the big boys!

I didn't get any pics of the whole group, but there was a lot of us! It is so fun to just get away with good friends!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

[..Tatum's 3rd Birthday..]

Oh my little boy is so grown up now! Tatum turned 3 on Saturday and I can't even believe it! I'm sure I will be shocked with every Birthday of his, but 3 seems so old to me. Maybe its the fact that this year when I asked him what kind of Birthday he wanted he said Star Wars, what 3 year old asks for a Star Wars party (especially one who has never seen it before)?? Well mine did and let me tell you, it was a HUGE success!!

We all dressed up in costume...Tatum was Luke Skywalker.

I was Princess Lea (my neighbor had all of these costumes and let us borrow them, Eric's was by far the best!)

While we waited for kids to arrive we put Star Wars on and let the kids play with their lightsabers. This picture totally makes me laugh...they all were so into it!

After everyone got here we sent them downstairs for a little Jedi Training. First they had to learn the moves...

Then they had to practice their moves on a balloon to get ready for their final match...

Chewbacca!! (This was Eric's costume. We never revealed who was behind the mask, my nephews were sad that Eric missed seeing him!)

Using the force...

After we defeated Chewy we had to defeat the Death Star. I bought a soccer ball pinata and we turned it into the death star. The kids loved it! We had them hit it with their lightsabers and soon saw that 3 year olds are not very strong. We had to get a bat and it took some of the older kids to break it.

Watching these kids picking up the candy felt like I was watching it in slow motion. They all took their time, it seriously took about 10 minutes to pick it all up!

We then headed back upstairs to sing Happy Birthday and open presents. This kid was so spoiled, it was like Christmas all over again!

We enjoyed treats in true star wars fashion with Yoda Soda (Lime Sherbet with Sprite)...

lightsabers (chocolate covered pretzels)...

and Wookie Cookies...

We had so much fun planning this party and are so thankful for everyone who came to share this day with Tatum!
HaPpY bIrThDaY Tater Bug!!!