Wednesday, March 31, 2010

..[Tatum's Room]..

I finally got around to finishing Tatum's room! This project took me a while but I told myself that I couldn't start the nursery until I finished Tatum's room first. This room is probably one of my favorite before and afters...wait until you see the befores, they were pretty bad!


When we first moved in this room was the only room in the house that they had done anything to. Every other wall in the house was white! They had this ugly wall paper up that had a fishing theme in these ugly puke colors. They went to the effort of putting a chair rail up but then went ahead and painted it and the floorboards puke brown!!! It took me 4 coats of paint to cover it up! Ok enough chatting, here are the before pics...


After we moved in I started thinking about what the perfect big boy room would look like. I brainstormed and after about 6 months I finally got an idea of what I wanted. I think it turned out pretty close to what I imagined.

I spent 6 months searching and searching for the perfect bedding to go along with my color scheme. I never found one I loved that was in my price range. So one day I was at the fabric store and fell in love with this fabric. I decided to make his bedding and I love how it turned out!

Along with the bedding I also made a curtain for his one and only window.

I took some old frames and painted them white and got some brown paper to back up the pictures to make it look like matting. I just love the brown accents!

Next I repainted these plaques from Tatum's old room to match his big boy color scheme.

This is Eric's one contribution...he found this picture and had to have it for Tatum's room. Its a good thing the colors work with the rest of the room :)

Last is the closet. One of my most favorite parts of this house is that has a HUGE walk in closet! This closet serves two purposes, clothes storage and a play room!

I tried to figure out a good way to store books, this was what I came up with! All books are sorted so I can pull one basket down and Tatum can go to town with minimal mess!!

I still have a few more things that I want to do to finish his room but I may never get around to them. For now this is good enough and now I can finally start work on the nursery. It probably will be another 6 months before I post any pics of the nursery. So enjoy this for now!


Kelly said...

So cute and fun! I love it. You did an amazing job.

vanessa joie said...

It looks awesome!

Noelle said...

Wow. That is AMAZING!

Jeremy and Jennifer said...

I love his room!! I really like the pictures in his room with the brown matting! How did you do that?

..[eLySe].. said...

Jennifer, the matting really was just an eye trick. When I ordered the pictures I got them printed with a white border, then I just got sheets of brown cardstock and taped the pictures to them. It was so easy and it really looks like they are matted, its only when you get close up that you notice they aren't!

Herry and Jayley said...

Here I am feeling so accomplished for painting some of my house before having this baby...dang you, Elyse, now I feel...dang, I can't even think of a word for how I feel. You are awesome my dear!