Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sad Mommy Moment

My poor little Trey had a tough weekend. For some reason he was a bit off balance and fell time after time. Saturday night he probably face planted 3 times and Sunday at church he fell and got a bloody nose. Well that night we were at Eric's parents house and Eric's Mom noticed his front tooth was chipped. I looked and sure enough a huge chunk was missing! I was so sad I almost cried. I called the dentist first thing in the morning and they set him up for an apt the next morning. The wanted to do x rays but children under 2 wont sit still for them. So instead they had to pin him down and put a laser on it while he was screaming. This office is the only office in Utah County that offers Laser Technology. Its pretty amazing...instead of drilling, they use a laser to fill cavities. Well they put the laser on it to help promote healing and stop infection. Yup this poor little guy got his tooth pretty good. The chip went all the way to the nerve and could result in removing the tooth!! I cried just thinking about my poor baby without his front tooth. If things go well they can get away with doing a route canal and a crown on the tooth. We just wont know for a few weeks what will happen. I am praying for the best but we will see. For now he will just have a piece missing from his front tooth.

This was the best picture I could get of his tooth. He still is pretty happy and doesn't seem fazed by it all. In fact he didn't even cry when it happened! He still eats and sleeps well which the dentist says is a good sign. 

I can tell that this boy is going to keep us on our toes!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Monkeys in the Tub

Well we had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We spent it with family, eating A LOT, playing games, putting up Christmas and shopping :) Although we did a lot of fun things I actually didn't break my camera out ONCE! I am completely shocked at myself...its so unlike me! 

Instead I will post a few pics from my kids bath time the other night. These two are getting to be so much fun. They are playing together better and better everyday! They had so much fun in the tub that I had to snap a few pics.

Tatum got out his vampire teeth from Halloween and had some fun with them.

and he had to try them on Trey...

I just love these faces...I'm so lucky I get to call them mine :)

Such silly boys!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I know I am late but oh well....

My Halloween started great with a trip to Gardner Village for Witch's Night Out with the girls! It was super crowded but still so much fun!

The next week we had a couples Halloween party and a ward party. I forgot to take pictures at the couples party but we dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb...classic! For the ward party Eric put his costume together in 15 min! Our neighbor is the Lone Peak Highschool football coach and Eric coordinated with his wife to dress up just like him! He had no clue about it until Eric walked right up to him...I think he was a bit surprised! It was hilarious and ended up winning him best costume!

This year for Halloween Tatum was so undecided about what he wanted to be. Finally he was set on a ninja once he saw all of his friends were going to be ninja's too!

Trey had the best costume ever! My friend and I switched costumes this year and she let me borrow this monster costume for Trey...it was perfect! He was nice and warm all night and it even suited him nicely, since he is indeed a monster! Here is my little Trey Monster.

He didn't like it very much at first...

It had 3 eyeballs on top of his head...so cute!

Once again we had the whole gang over for trick-or-treating. Jake and Katie had the cutest costume...the old couple from "Up".

Eric is the guy in the scream mask. He had so much fun scaring all of the kids when they came to the door.

Of course we all got loaded up on sugar, which made for an extra late night getting Tatum to bed :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

This month has been super crazy for me, so much that Halloween kind of crept up on me. I had great intentions to go to the pumpkin patch way in advance, but it was a few days before Halloween and I still hadn't gone. So Elan and I loaded the kids up and took a few hours out of our day to take the kids. I love this pumpkin patch! Its great for the kids and really gets them into the season. 

The kids had so much fun running through the corn maze and riding the tractors.

Trey wouldn't let me get him down from the tractors. He LOVED them and would just keep saying "vroom-vroom"...such a boy!

Of course they loved the little wheel barrows. Tatum and Noah just kept dumping pumpkins in regardless of color, shape or size...they even were grabbing rotten ones!

Trey had to get in the fun, but would just get frustrated that he couldn't do it.

Sometimes pictures are so hard for these boys...Logan wasn't having it!

Finally a good one, I guess we just needed to take Logan out :)

And we can't forget sweet Allie...

This was the perfect little field trip for the kids...and parents :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Few Random Pics

I was going through my pictures and found some cute random pics to share.
First was a trip to the farm.

For some reason I love this picture...

and this picture makes me laugh because you can see the size difference in Trey and Tatum. Trey is almost as big as Tatum!

These next pictures were so funny. One day the kids were all outside playing and kept yelling at the parents to come find them. We went searching and found them in the recycling bin...

They would close the lid to hide and we would walk up to them and scare them! 
They loved it.

A few weeks ago I took Tatum to his first dentist appointment. I was so impressed with the Dr. office. Tatum was so scared but they gave him these head phones to watch a movie on the ceiling with which made his visit so easy! He gets his picture on the board for being cavity free in October!!

Another pic is from the other day. We got a random day of snow! All week it had been in the 70s and this day we woke up and it was snowing! Tatum wanted to go out and play but I couldn't find his snow clothes! The next day I went out and bought Tatum all new winter clothes because it was apparent that I was NOT prepared!

And lastly in honor of Halloween coming up, here is a pic of Trey with my neighbors kids. She was showing me her daughter's pumpkin costume so I decided to get out this old pumpkin costume for Trey to wear. 

And that is the end to my randomness.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Cabin

Last weekend we went with all of Eric's family to their cabin. It was such an amazing weekend. The fall trees were in full bloom making every view look like a painting. Honestly I have never seen this cabin more beautiful, the views took my breath away!
I couldn't stop taking pictures, so here is a huge picture overload...

We spent the weekend watching conference, playing games, fishing, and four wheeling. 

The happy newlyweds...

We tried lining up the kids for a pic. Sadly It didn't work :(

Cutest pic ever...

Showing off his muscles

Dustin and Steph brought their Rhino which was perfect for the kids. We are seriously looking into getting one of these things...so much fun!

In between conference sessions the men worked on the cabin while the girls took the kids on a run. Since we only had 2 available drivers, we got smart and put Trey's car seat in the front of the Rhino while I drove...it worked out perfectly!

This was such a great weekend and will always be a wonderful memory!