Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...Pump the Jam...

The other day I came down stairs to find Tatum doing this:

 Ya wanna know what he was listening to?

Lady Gaga!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...St. Patties Day...

For the past week Trey has been super sick with a double ear infection and border line RSV.  
So when St. Patricks Day came around I thought for sure it would be a total waste of a fun Holiday. Thankfully the anti-biotics kicked in and Trey was back to normal just in time for St. Paties Day. 

We started off the day with the usual green pancake breakfast. 

and the leprechauns came and brought the boys all sorts of fun green things to wear for the day.

That morning we headed to the church for a fun St. Patricks Day playgroup. 
They made rainbows out of paper plates and fruit loops and went on a scavenger hunt for the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.

Trey is at the age where he grabs everything in site and puts everything in his mouth.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 I love how festive everyone was, thats a whole lot of green!

After lunch with Dad, I decided to make some cupcakes using a new recipe I found online.

If you think they look gross its because they were.
The frosting was all wrong and the cake was kind of weird. I absolutely love cupcakes and wish so bad that I could make them like the pros but it looks like from now on I will be sticking with the box. But if anyone has some good tips, I would love to hear them. 

The rest of the day was spent playing games and relaxing. It was a good day!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Every Thursday our ward does a playgroup. It has been so much fun that Tatum looks forward to it every week. So far Tatum's favorite playgroups have been trips to the fire-station and animal hospital. 

{The Fire-station}

It was a bit of a cold day but that didn't stop the kids from going out to spray the hose and check out the fire engine.  Tatum wouldn't go near the hose, I think he was scared he would get wet!

They gave all of the kids a goodie bag equipt with a hat, badge and coloring book. They were able to see the whole station and they even got to play on the pole.

{The Animal Hospital}

This was a fun trip. They took us in and showed us all around the Hospital. We saw how they weigh the animals, where they give baths and then we got to see the doggie daycare.  

They brought this St. Bernard inside for us all to pet. Such a beautiful dog!
Little Alayna loved him and had no fear.

 Trey just went along for the ride. 
Always content to be doing what Tatum is doing.

Its so nice to have these playgroups to get us out during these long winter months.

Monday, March 7, 2011

..Loving Your Space...

Alright, I am  starting something new!
Its called loving your new decor blog.
I love showing the latest projects that we have done around the house and getting feedback, 
but I was getting tired of them "cluttering" up my blog. 
So the solution was to start my own blog where I could showcase all of the fun things that I do around here. I doubt it will turn into anything big, but I am still so excited. 
So you can click on the link above or on the button to the side of my blog to get there!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

...Tatum's Birthday...

On the 27th my sweet boy turned 4!!
We celebrated the big day with a Harry Potter themed party.

{the invites}

Each invite had an official letter from Hogwarts and a ticket for the Hogwarts Express.
Then they were enclosed with a wax seal.

{the party}

The morning of the party, Tatum got a delivery at the door.
Every year my Mom sends Tatum balloons and chocolate.
This year the balloons were the colors of Griffindor, all except for the one pink one.
They misunderstood and thought it was for a girl!

{the sorting hat}

After all of the kids arrived we started with the house sorting.
This was so cool.
We put Trey's baby monitor inside of the sorting hat with Eric upstairs talking into it. Each kid got their turn wearing the sorting hat and then each got a badge to match the appropriate house.

Our TV hooks up to the internet, so before we started the sorting we pulled up a clip of it from the movie.
They all sat so patiently and watched in awe!

{ollivanders wand shop}

After everyone was sorted, we headed downstairs to Ollivanders where each kid got to make their own wand.

We had paint, glitter, feathers and pipe cleaners that they all could use to personalize their wands.

{the lessons}

Once the wands were made it was time to head to their lessons were they learned the spells to become a Wizard. Eric has a Harry Potter spell app on his phone and he hooked it up to the surround sound for the lessons. Dustin and Eric would teach them a spell and then through the speakers it would say "excellent" or "outstanding". They made a feather float, a snake appear, opened doors, turned on the lights, and changed the color of water. They ALL thought they had just done real magic!

In between lessons we had them all search for the golden snitch.
We hid a bunch of these around the house and they each had to find one before we could proceed.

Once they all became Wizards it was time to put their hard work to the test: they would have to use their spells to change the color of their potion. While the kids were searching for the snitchs, we put a few drops of food coloring at the bottom of their cups and covered it with ice. We then put Sprite in a cauldron with dry ice to act as their "potion".

When they did the right spell Eric poured the potion into the cup and it would magically change colors.
They loved it!

After the potions we finished up with cake and presents and the kids went home with a bag full of candy from Honeydukes Sweet Shop.

I think the party was a success :)