Friday, March 11, 2011


Every Thursday our ward does a playgroup. It has been so much fun that Tatum looks forward to it every week. So far Tatum's favorite playgroups have been trips to the fire-station and animal hospital. 

{The Fire-station}

It was a bit of a cold day but that didn't stop the kids from going out to spray the hose and check out the fire engine.  Tatum wouldn't go near the hose, I think he was scared he would get wet!

They gave all of the kids a goodie bag equipt with a hat, badge and coloring book. They were able to see the whole station and they even got to play on the pole.

{The Animal Hospital}

This was a fun trip. They took us in and showed us all around the Hospital. We saw how they weigh the animals, where they give baths and then we got to see the doggie daycare.  

They brought this St. Bernard inside for us all to pet. Such a beautiful dog!
Little Alayna loved him and had no fear.

 Trey just went along for the ride. 
Always content to be doing what Tatum is doing.

Its so nice to have these playgroups to get us out during these long winter months.

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