Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ist day of School

Tatum started 3rd grade this year and was so excited to get back to school! He got Ms. Murray as his teacher and couldn't be happier about her.  We went back to school shopping and Tatum got to pick out his backpack. He found this backpack and had to have it because it had 14 pockets! The dang thing is bigger than he is but its the pockets that matter!

Tatum with his carpool buddies...

Trey was so happy to start Kindergarten and go to the "big kids" school. We got all of his supplies and his backpack back in July and he has been asking me every day since if it was time for school yet. That excitement only lasted a few days though until he realized how early he has to wake up everyday ;) 

On a side note, Trey is a summer birthday so we are putting him in 2 years of Kindergarten. This year he is going to the local public school and next year he will join Tatum at the Charter school for year 2 of Kindergarten.

Trey with his teacher Mrs. Lang.

He sat next to his friend Natalie and I was so happy that he knew a few kids in his class, even if they were all girls.

After Trey's first day of school he came home and asked me to pack him a lunch because he was "so starving". Kindergarten isn't even 3 hours long, but that's my Trey, always hungry as he says!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cowabunga Bay

Right before school started I took the kids to Cowabunga Bay with Rachel and Katie. It was pretty busy and the water was so warm it wasn't quite refreshing, but we still loved it and can't wait to go back!

Cami and Lucy had a little snack break together and kept sharing snacks back and forth.

All of the boys minus Trey (and a few random photo bombers).

Since we got in for free, thanks to Rachel, I didn't have a problem buying the over priced pizza for lunch.

Trey and Cambria both snuck  in a quick nap. Poor Trey was so tired he fell asleep on the ground!

It was such a fun last activity before school started 2 days later. The kids loved it so much that maybe next year we will have to get season passes.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Last bits of California

Here are a few random moments from our California trip. First is a look at what happens when Tatum is in charge for 10 minutes...

Chachi came for a BBQ one night. This was his first time meeting Cambria.

We stopped at the LA Science Museum to check out the Endeavor on the way to the beach. It was such a cool experience to see this aircraft up close. It was so much bigger than we all expected and the kids thought it was pretty cool.

Poor Trey got his toe cut up on the door as we walked in and Grandpa had to carry him the rest of the time.

One of my priorities while I was there was to go visit my Grandmother's grave. I haven't been there since I moved to Utah 14 years ago.  Every time I come home we pack in our trip with so many things that sadly visiting the cemetery always gets forgotten. I was so grateful for this visit and I immediately became emotional when I saw her headstone. I can't believe she has been gone for 19 years!

My Grandma "Abba"

She is buried next to her Dad. Her Mom is buried in Cuba.

And lastly our flight home. Everyone thought I was crazy for flying with 3 children but really it wasn't that bad. Cambria was super tired on the flight but fought sleep the whole time. She was all over the place, but the flight was only an hour and a half long thankfully. It was so much better than driving and I totally would do it again!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Beach

During our stay I talked my parents into a beach day. It has been a while since we have taken the kids to the beach when its actually warm so they were so excited! When we got there they immediately ran into the water before I could even apply sunscreen. All 3 of my kids loved the water and I couldn't get them out of it. One of Grandma's favorite things to do is take the babies into the water. Cami loved it and kept making a run for it to get to the water. She didn't care for the sand and didn't even try to eat it! Good girl! After a few hours we headed home just in time for rush hour traffic! The kids worked up an appetite and were starving which made for a long ride home. Gotta love L.A. 

Trey swallowed some water and didn't like it...

Trey started to write his name in the sand but didn't get to finish before a wave came and washed it away.

Forcing the waves away. Tatum has done this since he was little. I have a picture of him doing the same thing when he was a few years old. So funny.

We all had such a blast. I wish I got a picture of my Dad on the boogie board. He was all over the place and loving it. He is still such a kid!