Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Beach

During our stay I talked my parents into a beach day. It has been a while since we have taken the kids to the beach when its actually warm so they were so excited! When we got there they immediately ran into the water before I could even apply sunscreen. All 3 of my kids loved the water and I couldn't get them out of it. One of Grandma's favorite things to do is take the babies into the water. Cami loved it and kept making a run for it to get to the water. She didn't care for the sand and didn't even try to eat it! Good girl! After a few hours we headed home just in time for rush hour traffic! The kids worked up an appetite and were starving which made for a long ride home. Gotta love L.A. 

Trey swallowed some water and didn't like it...

Trey started to write his name in the sand but didn't get to finish before a wave came and washed it away.

Forcing the waves away. Tatum has done this since he was little. I have a picture of him doing the same thing when he was a few years old. So funny.

We all had such a blast. I wish I got a picture of my Dad on the boogie board. He was all over the place and loving it. He is still such a kid!

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