Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sea World

After our stay at my Parents house we drove down to Newport where we would stay the whole next week. We bought these city passes that got you 3 days at Disneyland, 1 day at Sea World and 1 day at Universal Studios. In order to use the passes the following day we had to go to Disneyland to pick them up. When we got there, there was a  slight issue and it ended up taking an hour to fix. They felt bad because we had our kids waiting so they let us into Disneyland the rest of the night free! The kids were in heaven.

We got home late that night and then woke up early the next morning to head to San Diego for Sea World. We had so much fun that day even though we were just there last year and most of the shows were the same.

This cracked me up! Trey's face when he was about to see Elmo was priceless. Our entire trip all Trey wanted to do was give hugs to every character possible.

Our entire trip was going from one park to the next. It was very tiresome but such a fun memory!

Friday, December 27, 2013


Wow things have been a bit crazy in our neck of the woods. First of all I am finally getting around to posting our Thanksgiving because I had a virus on my computer that wouldn't let me upload pics from my camera :( I think I got it figured out good enough for now but it caused me to get so behind. Second of all we spent 10 days in California for Thanksgiving and didn't get back until Dec 6th which made Christmas planning a bit hectic. Things are slowing down now so I hope to get caught up ASAP.

We planned to spend Thanksgiving on California at my parents house and both of my sisters came in town so we all could be together. Just before leaving Dustin informed us of a timeshare in Newport that came available for the week following Thanksgiving and together we planned a last minute Disneyland, Sea world and Universal Studios trip. So just days before leaving we extended our trip by 5 days! The first part of our trip was spent in LA with my family.

Thanksgiving day was very relaxed. Poor Eric came down with some sort of 24 hour bug that kept him in bed most of the day. He came around for dinner and then went back to bed. The kids played so much with cousins that they got worn out and took a nap on my moms bed.


 This one was too good not to share :)

Mother and daughter matching.

This isn't the best pic but I sure love it. Trey loves his Dad more than anything, so sweet!

And what better way is there to relax after a huge meal than to jump in the hot tub?

We took a few family pictures to send to my cousins on their missions. My poor Grandpa got stuck taking the pictures which was easier said than done. The kids had a hard time focusing so this is the best one we got.

And one of Chachi with the kiddos. My Grandpa is getting a bit old, that may be the reason he only has one sock on ;)

And my Mom and Dad with all the grand-kids.

We spent a nice few days with my family relaxing before the non stop craziness of the 2nd part of our trip occurred.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Big News!!

We are expecting baby #3!! We all couldn't be more excited for this little one to join the family. The boys have been pretty persistent asking us for a baby sister. Tatum says that all of his friends have more than 2 kids in their family so we need to have more kids. I don't think that Trey really gets it or fully understands what will happen in a few short months. 

Grandpa Scott put pressure on all of the girls in the family telling us that if he is going to bring Bethany and Jeremy and  baby Ellie home for Christmas than one of us needs to be pregnant by Christmas. Well I think we all got the message pretty good because 3 of us are pregnant all due within a month of each other and Stephanie is having twins!! 4 babies in 4 weeks!! Plus my sister is pregnant and due just 3 weeks before me. We must be in another baby boom :)

I have been feeling really sick with this one and pretty much everything about this pregnancy is 100% opposite from my other 2 which makes me think it has to be a girl. Fingers crossed! 
Baby Larsen #3 is due June 23rd.