Thursday, December 26, 2013

Big News!!

We are expecting baby #3!! We all couldn't be more excited for this little one to join the family. The boys have been pretty persistent asking us for a baby sister. Tatum says that all of his friends have more than 2 kids in their family so we need to have more kids. I don't think that Trey really gets it or fully understands what will happen in a few short months. 

Grandpa Scott put pressure on all of the girls in the family telling us that if he is going to bring Bethany and Jeremy and  baby Ellie home for Christmas than one of us needs to be pregnant by Christmas. Well I think we all got the message pretty good because 3 of us are pregnant all due within a month of each other and Stephanie is having twins!! 4 babies in 4 weeks!! Plus my sister is pregnant and due just 3 weeks before me. We must be in another baby boom :)

I have been feeling really sick with this one and pretty much everything about this pregnancy is 100% opposite from my other 2 which makes me think it has to be a girl. Fingers crossed! 
Baby Larsen #3 is due June 23rd.

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