Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sad Mommy Moment

My poor little Trey had a tough weekend. For some reason he was a bit off balance and fell time after time. Saturday night he probably face planted 3 times and Sunday at church he fell and got a bloody nose. Well that night we were at Eric's parents house and Eric's Mom noticed his front tooth was chipped. I looked and sure enough a huge chunk was missing! I was so sad I almost cried. I called the dentist first thing in the morning and they set him up for an apt the next morning. The wanted to do x rays but children under 2 wont sit still for them. So instead they had to pin him down and put a laser on it while he was screaming. This office is the only office in Utah County that offers Laser Technology. Its pretty amazing...instead of drilling, they use a laser to fill cavities. Well they put the laser on it to help promote healing and stop infection. Yup this poor little guy got his tooth pretty good. The chip went all the way to the nerve and could result in removing the tooth!! I cried just thinking about my poor baby without his front tooth. If things go well they can get away with doing a route canal and a crown on the tooth. We just wont know for a few weeks what will happen. I am praying for the best but we will see. For now he will just have a piece missing from his front tooth.

This was the best picture I could get of his tooth. He still is pretty happy and doesn't seem fazed by it all. In fact he didn't even cry when it happened! He still eats and sleeps well which the dentist says is a good sign. 

I can tell that this boy is going to keep us on our toes!

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