Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Just after turning 8 Tatum joined the Scout program. He has been looking forward to Scouts ever since his cousin turned 8 last year and got to go. His first ever Scout activity was the Pinewood Derby. This event is kind of a big deal and only happens ever year, so naturally Tatum was stoked when his birthday landed the week before and he could go! 

Eric worked with Tatum to get his car ready and spent hours sanding it down and painting it until it was perfect. This was our first time attending the Pinewood Derby so I felt like we have a lot to learn.  I didn't care if Tatum won, I just didn't want him to be last. Tatum's car wasn't the fastest at all and every time he came in 3rd place. Tatum is such a sweet boy and is just pure. If he doesn't win, its not a big deal and he doesn't even get upset. When it came time for the awards he got the "Coolest Car" award and was jumping up and down in excitement. For him that was just as good as winning 1st place.

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