Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nickle City

The Saturday following Tatum's baptism we did his birthday party. It was totally last minute and not planned very well but the kids didn't care and still had a great time. We took 8 of Tatum's closest friends to Nickle City which has laser tag and arcade games. We drove them down there, played for a while and then came home to eat and open presents. It was totally low key, simple and oh so easy!

The last picture totally made me laugh. Elan had given Tatum his  "Big" gift on his birthday the week before. So for his party she made him an apron with a matching oven mitt. I thought it was adorable, but all of the boys we laughing and did not appreciate it. Haha. Tatum had to play Mr. Cool in front of his friends and pretend like it wasn't cool but really he couldn't wait to help me make cookies so he could wear it :)

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