Tuesday, March 31, 2015

9 Months

On the same day as Tatum's party, Cambria turned 9 months old. This little miss is pure joy. We all smother her with hugs and kisses all day long and she really is just the sweetest thing ever. 

Cambria is trying so hard to crawl. She can't quite get the hang of it and figure out how to move her legs to get where she wants to go. Instead she will just roll across the room until she reaches what she wants. She says "Da-Da" and coos all day long. She still doesn't have any teeth yet but that doesn't stop her from eating real food. Cambria doesn't love baby food and gets really excited when she sees us eating hoping that we will share what we have. The other day I was eating a banana and she grabbed it out of my hand and went to town devouring the entire thing! She is still such a good baby and hardly cries. In fact when she does cry its so soft that its hard to hear her even through the monitor. 

This month we have had some really nice weather, so I took Cambria on the swing for the first time. She loved it!

I never took pictures of Cambria taking a bath, so the other day I decided it was time. She loves the bath and kicks and splashes like crazy. And then there's the tongue. She loves her tongue and is constantly playing with it!

She is getting harder to photograph now that she is becoming mobile. She wont sit still for anything!

We just love this baby to pieces and love to watch her grow.

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