Monday, June 22, 2015

Laguna Executive Trip

Back in March Eric and I went to Laguna Beach for his companies annual executive trip. Those who meet a certain goal the year before get to go on this trip and its an all inclusive 4 night stay at the most prestigious resort, The Montage. This place was gorgeous! Our view from our room was incredible and I loved the bunnies running around the resort. The service was unbelievable, the best I have ever seen! Our trip started out bad with us flying into LAX, waiting hours to get our baggage and rental cars, when we could have just flown closer and taken a cab. But we finally made it there and everything was great after that.

[ The Montage ]

My parents live about an hour away and came down to hang out with us for a few hours.

[ Sailing ]

While we were there we got to sign up for different excursions. We decided to go sailing, whale watching and Eric went golfing with the guys while I laid by the pool :)

Sailing was a blast! The company rented 3 sail boats and turned it into a race. Our groups were small since a lot of people backed out, so on our boat we had the captain, Eric, myself and Eric's broker, Kevin. The goal was to get out of Balboa Harbor to a buoy just off of the coast. I got to steer the whole time while Eric and Kevin maned the sails. It was such a rush and I loved it. The captain teaches sailing classes and said that I picked it up quicker than anyone he has ever seen. Maybe I will pick up sailing one day ;)


This is the beach that Gilligan's Island was filmed at!

[ Dolphin Tour ]

This was supposed to be a whale watching/ dolphin tour but we didn't see any whales. The captains said they saw a whale and went after it but no one else saw it. I think they made it up! It still was fun to see the dolphins and the unbelievable views from the ship. On the way back a lot of people were feeling sea sick and I was talking with one lady when she just jumped up and ran to the side of the ship to throw up. I felt so bad. It was pretty chilly since it was early in the morning and overcast, but I still think it was worth it.

The company also set up some nice dinners at the best local restaurants.  Each night they provided dinner and then breakfast and lunch were up to us. Every morning we went with 2 other couples across the street to Ruby's diner and then any between time was spent on the beach or by the pool. It was such a fun trip and was so nice to not have a single care in the world. Hopefully we can make it again next year!

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