Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Memorial Day

This memorial day we wanted to take our RV somewhere to campout. The problem with Utah County is that on holidays everywhere is packed! All of the spots up American Fork Canyon were taken, so we headed to our friend's cabin up Provo Canyon. The weather was so up and down the whole weekend. One minute it would be pouring rain and a few minutes later it was hot and sunny. It was so nice to have an RV to hideout in during the rain!

On Memorial Day we met Eric's family at Vivian Park for a bbq. We got all of the food prepared and canopy set up and then the rain started. We all huddled under the canopy and thought it would follow the same pattern and stop in a few minutes. Well it just got worse. We were in a downpour! I took a few pictures before we packed everything back up and headed home. As I took a picture of Eric's parents his mom said "this will be a memory". Sure was a memory!

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