Monday, June 29, 2015

Lake Powell

On Cambria's birthday we left for Lake Powell. We went down with Eric's parents and his Sister with her 3 boys. It was the smallest group we have ever gone with and it was so nice! We got there on Sunday night and just stayed the night in the marina. The motor on the house boat was broken and the part needed to fix it was ordered and said to be at the marina no later than Monday morning. Well first thing in the morning Eric's dad went to get the part and surprise, it wasn't even ordered! So we got to stay the whole time in the marina! We were all so bummed but it turned out to be a blessing. 

Our last night there, a huge storm came in. It was so windy that even in a covered marina we were getting pelted with sand. The rain came down harder than I have ever seen and we were in the eye of the storm. If we had been in a slot canyon like we usually are we could have been in serious trouble. The week before there were huge flash floods that came in and capsized some boats. I'm not sure what would have happened had we been there, but I do know that we were being watched over. I went to bed that night praying for the people that were stuck in the storm. So scary!

This still went down as one of the best Lake Powell trips in my mind. We had a small group so everyone had their own space, Cambria was able to take naps because it wasn't hot, we had constant AC because we were plugged into the marina the whole time, and the kids got along so well the entire time. Seriously it was so good!

And picture overload...

It was so hard to narrow down the millions of pictures I took but I feel like these pictures say it all! It was non stop fun!