Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cambria's Owl Party

Since Cambria's birthday fell on a Sunday we thought it would be fun to do her party the night before so we could all go watch the fireworks afterwards. It rained throughout her entire party but right before it got dark the rain stopped. It was pretty cold outside but we made sure to bundle up to watch the fireworks.

Cambria had so much fun at her party. We had dinner, opened presents and then she got her cake. Things were a bit chaotic and I forgot to get pictures of her with her family. It still was a perfect night and all the stress get ready for it was worth it!

Grandma Mary bought Cami this rock-a-bye bee. She loves this thing and wouldn't let any of the other kids touch it! 

Nora was so funny. She is such a little mommy and couldn't stand that Cami was dirty. She grabbed a napkin and started to "clean" Cambria's legs.

All clean and ready to play with her bee again!

I can't believe this baby girl is already 1! She is so much fun and I feel so blessed to have her in my life!!

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