Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cedar Hills Days

The best weekend of the Summer is here...Cedar Hills Days! The day started out with the parade. Its such a small parade but the kids get loaded up on candy and then we take them to the carnival across the street. We always buy our kids day passes to the carnival and then we can come and go throughout the day. This year the carnival did not disappoint, it had a lot more rides and it was set up so nicely with a sitting area right in the middle to watch the kids better. Trey is slowly building up bravery as far as rides go. While Tatum is all in and will try anything. They each found some friends to go on rides with and Tatum found a dare devil partner that actually out did him. Tatum rode the zipper a few too many times and had to take a break due to a headache. Eric brought the boys back later in the day so that I could get ready for Cambria's birthday party that evening and we ended the night with the best firework show in town. Such a fun packed day!

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