Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Little Athletes

This spring we signed Tatum up for baseball and soccer and Trey started t-ball. This time of year is always crazy with the end of the school year, 3-5 games a week, practices and scouts. Everyday was a marathon and we barely survived. Although it feels like I am losing my sanity it really is one of my favorite times. I love watching my boys do what they love.

[ Baseball ]

Tatum plays machine pitch and it took him a while to figure out how to hit a ball flying at 35 mph. But once we got him a few batting lessons he nailed them every time! This team only lost a few games and lost in the 2nd round of tournament games. They all did so well! 

His coach was awesome! He did a celebratory run after every game that the kids really got into. At the last game he brought silly string and a baseball pinata filled with treats. It was such a fun season!

[ Soccer ]

Tatum has a passion for soccer. He plays everyday at school and loves it so much. He has come a long ways and gets better with every season. He loves to play defense but in his last game tried out goalie and actually liked that too. This boy was lucky enough to have his dad as one of his coaches.

[ T-Ball ]

After last year when we put Trey in soccer and him crying every game, I was really hesitant to put him in anything for a while. After weeks of him begging to play baseball with his friends, I gave in and it actually turned out good. He played every game and looked forward to his games. He had so much fun that he is asking to play again and is even asking to play soccer....we will see about that!

What is it with my kids and their tongues hanging out???

After watching machine pitch baseball it was so hard to watch t-ball. Its seriously is comical to watch these kids play. They have no idea what to do and half the time they are sitting down playing in the grass. So funny. I love watching these boys grow and already can't wait until next year!

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