Monday, June 22, 2015


[ Neighborhood Egg Hunt]

Our Easter this year started out with a neighborhood egg hunt at the park. It was super low key and only a handful of kids were there but that didn't stop the kids from having a blast.

[ Egg Dying ]

That night we dyed eggs to get ready for the Easter Bunny to hide them the next morning. Tatum has gotten to an age where he can do things on his own. He dyed so many adorable eggs and they turned out so good! 

[ Easter Morning ]

Easter this year was so fun! It was so fun putting everything together and I just love seeing the kids reaction to all of the goodies in their baskets.

[ Egg Hunt at Grandma's ]

For dinner that night we went up to Grandma Mary's. We ate a delicious dinner, watched conference and had an egg hunt that Grandpa Scott put together. The kids got loaded up with candy and treats, they look forward to this every year!

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