Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tulip Festival

One day while Tatum was in school poor Trey was bored, so we decided to head to the tulip festival. The forecast was scattered showers but there was a small window where it was supposed to be nice. Almost minutes after arriving the rain started. Luckily it only lasted a minute or two and then it cleared up for the rest of our time there.

While we were waiting for the rain to pass we hid under a tree and this sweet lady offered to take my picture with the kids. Since I never get in the picture I took advantage of the opportunity.

Today Cambria also turned 11 months old. She is such a sweet and loving baby. Cambria loves her dad and lights up every time she sees him. She is crawling everywhere now and can pull herself up to stand. She is no where near ready to walk which I am fine with ;) Cami still doesn't have any teeth but that doesn't stop her from eating everything we eat. This little girl loves to sing and her favorite song is "Itsy Bitsy Spider" which she follows along with the motions. So adorable! She is growing so fast and I can't believe she is a month away from being 1!!

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