Saturday, August 14, 2010

[..6 weeks old..]

Today my baby is 6 weeks old! Its crazy how fast new babies grow. The other day my neighbor brought her postage scale over and we weighed Trey. He is a whopping 9 lbs 2ozs!! I couldn't believe it! I am so used to Tatum who I swear took 4 months before he reached 9 lbs. But really I shouldn't be all that surprised since so far these two are complete opposites. Here is how opposite they are...
  • Tatum was and still is a great sleeper, Trey is still learning.
  • Trey is a great eater and could eat all day long, Tatum could go all day without eating and be fine!
  • Tatum has blonde hair and Trey is still holding on to his dark brunette locks (and hopefully keeps them).
  • Tatum is a Daddy's boy, Trey is a Mommas boy.
  • Trey loves to get his diaper changed, Tatum would scream every time.
  • Tatum hated his car seat, Trey loves it and will sleep for hours in it.

Its so crazy how I can already see so many differences. I can't wait to see Trey grow and see his little personality start to show.

BTW: isn't this kid just beautiful? Maybe I am just partial but I really think he is perfect!

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