Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2 months old

My little Cambria girl is now 2 months old! It is so strange how much faster time goes by with the more kids you have. I am trying so hard to just relax and enjoy Cambria while she is little because I know it wont be long before she is running around with the rest of them.

This little girl is pure joy. All of us are so captivated by her and can't get enough of her. I have loved having another girl in the house, maybe a little too much. I have so much fun dressing her up. All of the little dresses and bows, I love it all so much and I even gave her her first pedicure!

The boys have been so great with Cambria. Tatum can't wait to see her every morning when he wakes up and Trey is non stop in her face trying to give her hugs and kisses. In fact I keep saying that I need to invent a cage to go around Cambria to keep Trey away ;)

One Sunday I got all of the kids dressed and realized they all matched. So of course I had to take a few pictures, they all looked so cute I couldn't resist. Sometimes it is so strange to see these 3 together and realize they are all mine!

At 2 months old Cambria weighs 9.2 lbs (2%) and is 22 in long (18%). Looks like I have another long and skinny child! Cambria is holding her head up better now and has started to smile! We love this baby girl so incredibly much and it is so fun to have a baby in the house again!

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